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Update Chapter Officers

Begin Updating Chapter Officers  

It is important to ensure that your Chapter officers are updated and current at all times. The transition from your current officers to your new officers should be smooth, avoiding any time where there are no officers. This can be easily done by planning the beginning and end term dates of your officers.


For example, say your current Chapter president’s term began on 6/1/2012 and ended 5/31/2013. You would want to make the incoming president’s term begin on 6/1/2013 and end of 5/31/2014. That way, the transition is automatic – the past officer goes off and the new president comes on – smooth sailing and no vacancies!


Before your current Chapter officer’s terms expire, one of those officers should go online and put in your new officers. Once there...


  • Click on the link to "Begin Updating Chapter Officers" 
  • Login (which will take you to your main Chapter Reports and Rosters page)  
  • Scroll down past your Chapter officers and click on the last link under "Maintenance" to "Update Chapter Officers" 
  • On the Chapter Officer Maintenance page, be sure to expand the arrows on the left next to "Officers," "Board Members," and "Nominating Committee Members," so you can see the current officers and their beginning and end term dates. 



If you have an officer and you don’t see their title (past chair, nominating chair, education chair, etc), contact the Chapter Relations Coordinator Deb Warren and she will add them for you.


Though the Chapter Accountability Standards say to notify AORN of your new officers within one month, you need to update your officers after they have been voted in and before your current officers terms expire, so there is never a time when your Chapter doesn't have any officers. AND…you want to ensure that all officers have access to the Chapter Reports and Rosters and ownership rights to the Chapter’s ORNurseLink web page. 


If you are having problems or have a different question, contact the AORN Chapter Relations Coordinator Deb Warren at (800) 755-2676, Ext. 222.

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