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Outstanding Achievement in Perioperative Nursing Management

Criteria: The applicant must be an individual who is employed as a manager and has demonstrated outstanding achievement in perioperative nursing management. Examples of such achievement might include, but are not limited to:

  • Being the Change agent for a more collaborative team

  • Reducing operating budget while improving staff and patient satisfaction

  • implementing a new program into the facility and describing the impact of the program

Before You Begin Online Application 

Review online application information and tips.

Review following required elements for this award category:

  • Candidate Statement 1 - In 250 words or less, describe two (2) outstanding contributions/programs that you have organized and completed that demonstrate your management skills.

  • Candidate Statement 2 - In 250 words or less, describe the impact and outcome of your contribution(s) to periopertive nursing as practiced in your facility.

  • Nominee's CV/Resume - (uploaded in the online application)

  • Nominator Statement - for nominated applications (uploaded in teh online application)

  • Sponsor Statement - for self-nominated applications (uploaded in the online application)

Deadline: Application submission deadline is November 23, 2015.

Begin the online application now. 

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