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CMS Proposes Definition of Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Publish Date: 3/14/2012

On February 23, CMS announced its proposed rule for Stage 2 requirements for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs. Under the program, eligible hospitals and health care professionals can qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments when they adopt certified EHR technology and use it to demonstrate “meaningful use” of that technology by achieving objectives set by CMS.

The key emphasis in meaningful use and the EHR incentive programs is on exchange of clinical information. The EHR incentive program and other trends in health care information technology may lead health care organizations toward enterprise information systems that provide applications that cross the continuum of care. Operating rooms may be switching from one system to another or from paper to electronic. Perioperative nurses need to be at the table when their organization is making this decision. As end users of the electronic perioperative record, perioperative nurses must be involved in the selection and implementation processes for any new EHR system that touches the OR.

Perioperative nurses need to ensure that their electronic perioperative record provides them the structured data needed in order to report on perioperative clinical quality measures. One way to ensure your facility has the infrastructure in place for the electronic perioperative record is to make sure AORN SYNTEGRITY® Standardized Perioperative Framework is embedded in your organization’s EHR system. The AORN SYNTEGRITY® Framework organizes and structures clinical data for perioperative nursing care and is built upon the Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS) standardized nursing vocabulary.

As organizations review these proposed Stage 2 rules for meaningful use and begin making EHR system decisions for the future, now is the time for perioperative nurses to be at that table. Perioperative nurses need to be actively involved in the decisions, design and implementation of the perioperative electronic record used in clinical practice to ensure the requirements for quality and reporting needs are addressed. 

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