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Illinois Extends Sunset for Surgical Technologist Registration to 2024; Adds Educational Accreditation Requirement

Publish Date: 9/17/2013
Illinois HB 533 was signed by the Governor on July 16, 2013. The bill extends the sunset date of the existing Registered Surgical Assistant and Registered Surgical Technologist Title Protection Act to 2024.

The bill does not change the current supervisory requirements for Illinois surgical technologists. Surgical technologists in Illinois must be supervised by a physician, podiatrist, dentist or registered nurse who is physically present in the operating room.

The bill does add a new requirement that surgical technologists in Illinois have graduated from a nationally accredited educational program in surgical technology, unless they were trained in the military. Previously, surgical technologists were only required to have graduated from any surgical technologist program. The bill goes into effect on December 31, 2013.

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