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ANA Endorses AORN’s Position on RN Circulator

Publish Date: 7/8/2014

In June, the American Nurses Association’s board of directors officially endorsed AORN’s Position Statement One Perioperative Registered Nurse Circulator Dedicated to Every Patient Undergoing a Surgical or Other Invasive Procedure. Ensuring that there is a perioperative registered professional nurse in the role of circulator in every operating room is the top legislative priority of AORN. As the professional organization representing the interests of our nation’s 3.1 million nurses, the American Nurses Association’s endorsement is an important acknowledgement of each patient’s right to receive the highest quality nursing care. No other person is more knowledgeable or qualified to handle the multiple critical issues surrounding patient safety in the operating room than the registered nurse who is specially trained in perioperative nursing.

AORN maintains that every surgical patient deserves a perioperative registered nurse for the duration of any operative or other invasive procedure and actively promotes laws and regulations to ensure the supervisory presence of the professional RN in the perioperative setting. Currently 23 states have laws or regulations in place that are specific to having a RN serve as the circulator in hospitals, and 16 states have similar language for ambulatory surgery centers. AORN’s Government Affairs department works closely with the Legislative State Coordinators and AORN’s National Legislative Committee to advocate for state laws and regulations that would require a registered nurse to serve as the circulator in hospitals and ASCs in the states lacking such laws.

AORN believes the role of the RN in the perioperative setting is vital to the provision of optimal and safe patient care. To ensure that patients receive the highest quality and standard of nursing care, AORN will continue to work towards our goal of having a perioperative RN professional in the role of circulator in each and every operating room nationwide. AORN Government Affairs is currently completing a political environmental scan for 2015 and is looking for people who are interested in getting involved with advocacy efforts their state. Contact Danielle Glover if you would like to get involved with any of AORN’s legislative priories.  

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