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Embracing the future of spine navigation
Originally, spine surgery was performed with simple lateral and anterior/posterior x-rays but these cannot provide the all-important, axial view, which is the Holy Grail of spine navigation.

How to navigate the journey to where the wild things (SSIs) are in the OR
Sharon A. McNamara, MSN, RN, CNOR and Shelby Lassiter BSN, RN, CPHQ, CIC, helped attendees navigate the defect analysis process for finding and preventing surgical site infections (SSIs).

Implementing a sharps safety program is a three-step process
Despite calls to action and regulatory standards, there is still an issue with implementing sharps safety initiatives in the OR. The keys to implementing an effective sharps safety program are three-fold: availability, policy and leadership.

Applying effective strategies in OR and supply chain management
“Your practice will drive what products you’re going to use,” Prescott said. Product selection is based on patient outcomes and overall patient satisfaction, “that’s really at the center of what we do,” Nei added.

Perioperative certification correlates with better care
Review of data that the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) has gathered about nursing certification and how that information applies to perioperative nursing certification.

Using the AORN surgical checklist to effect OR culture change
Dr. David Shapiro encourages attendees to change their OR culture and improve patient safety by implementing the AORN surgical checklist.

Shape the future of mobile access to AORN content
AORN needs your feedback on how mobile devices are being used in the perioperative setting and what types of mobile access you want for AORN content.

The buzz about evidence rating
AORN and multiple committee and task force members have selected two models to support the evidence that is presented in each of the AORN recommended practices (RP) documents.

New AORN RPs provide guidance on medication, documentation
The development of AORN recommended practices (RPs) is like a journey—creating these documents is “a long and bumpy ride, but we’re having fun with it,” said Antonia Hughes, MA, BSN, RN, CNOR, chair of the AORN Recommended Practices Advisory Board. Hughes described the RP development process, urging attendees to participate during the public comment process.

Preadmission testing is the key to successful surgery
Jerry Stonemetz, MD, Assistant Professor and Medical Director of Anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore, Md., and a consultant for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), believes preoperative screening of all preoperative patients when their surgeries are booked can help identify those who need more aggressive testing before surgery.

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