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Periop 101: A Core Curriculum for PAs/Residents/Medical Students

This curriculum is designed to enable those in the positions listed below to observe and participate safely during invasive procedures. The materials are targeted for: 

  • physician assistants (PAs) 
  • residents 
  • medical students 
  • interns 
  • advanced practice nurses 
  • other allied health professionals who are new to the perioperative area.  

The eight modules include: 

  • Hemostasis, Sponges, and Drains 
  • Perioperative Safety - Introduction 
  • Perioperative Safety - Equipment Focus 
  • Periopertative Safety - Patient Focus 
  • Scrubbing, Gowning, and Gloving  
  • Sterile Technique 
  • Surgical Instruments   
  • The Perioperative Environment   
Preview the Sterile Technique Module for PAs/Residents/Medical Students

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Questions? Email periop101@aorn.org and provide your name, telephone number, facility name, and city/state. 



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