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National Time Out Day


June 10, 2015

Here are the top 5 actions you can take between now and Time Out Day on June 10. 

  1. Send a letter to your legislator to communicate the importance of taking a time out for every patient. 
  2. Share the importance of Time Out Day and your commitment to patient safety by sending a letter to your local newspaper editor.
  3. Plan an event to commemorate Time Out Day with your surgical team using posters, cakes, and a pledge sheet
  4. Share your plans for Time Out Day, photos of events, and stories on the AORN Facebook page
  5. Change your Facebook profile picture to raise awareness. 
  6. Instructions for changing your Facebook profile picture

National Time Out Day is a powerful tool that supports surgical nurses’ ability to speak up for safe practices in the operating room. Initiated as an annual awareness campaign by AORN in 2004, it has been consistently supported by The Joint Commission, the World Health Organization, and the Council on Surgical and Perioperative Safety (CSPS) for its ability to increase awareness of safe practices that lead to optimal outcomes for patients undergoing surgery and other invasive procedures.

This year, AORN urges members to evaluate how their time out fits into broader efforts to provide high quality care to every patient, every time. A poorly executed time out or lack of team communication may indicate areas for improvement within a safety culture.

Strengthen your “time out” practice


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These resources and ideas can help you build awareness of National Time Out Day in your hospital, ASC, or physician office.

National Time Out Posters 2015 
You have a choice of poster sizes, 11x17 and 17x11. Print and prominently display either or both sizes throughout your perioperative suite to urge the entire surgical team to remain committed to safe surgical practices.

Committed to Time Out

Display this sign-up sheet or plan a signing event for surgical team members to sign their pledge to Time Out for Every Patient, Every Time.

National Time Out Cake
Here’s the artwork in a size that can be taken to your specialty baker who can create a cake that’s just right for your signing event.

Get the word out about Time Out Day: 

Educate your elected officials on the importance of taking a time out every time.
Send a letter to the editor to share your dedication to patient safety.

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