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  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers Group Membership Program

    Let AORN help you create a collaborative team approach to creating practice excellence and access educational resources for your entire perioperative nursing team.

  • Communication Preferences

    It is AORN's goal to provide you with timely, relevant information to help you succeed in your career. Before you choose to opt-out, please consider what you'll be missing.  You may opt out of any of the following communications at any time through your My Profile page. Edit My Profile Email Commu

  • Community

    Connect with perioperative colleagues from a wide range of specialties and practice settings.

  • Did You Ace It?

    It's quiz time  Let's find out if you aced the quiz 1) A scrub person passes an autologous vein graft to the surgeon and the graft inadvertently drops onto the OR floor. The perioperative RN should  A. follow a predetermined

  • Manage Your Chapter

    Everything you need to manage your chapter is available on this page.

  • Membership

    As the trusted source for advancing perioperative nursing care, and ensuring patient safety and optimal outcomes, AORN connects you to valuable practice resources, continuing education, career enhancement, and networking and leadership opportunities. Learn how AORN can support your personal and professional growth.

  • Membership Application
    1. New member. Renewing member. Membership #: ___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ first name middle initial last name __________________________________________________________________________ title credentials (e.g. RN, CNOR-max 15 characters) ________
  • Membership FAQs

    Question about AORN? We have provided answers to the most common questions.

  • Membership Types

    AORN offers four membership categories including standard (RN), associate (non-RN), student, and retired.

  • Membership: Invest in Your Future

    AORN defines and delivers first in class nursing education, guidelines, and clinical practice.  In fact, we have driven perioperative nursing forward for over 60 years.   AORN has a responsibility to continue its mission of promoting patient safety and optimal outcomes.

  • Thank You for Renewing Your Membership

    Congratulations on renewing your AORN membership As a thank you for renewing, we are excited to provide this unique assortment of the top 10 most read AORN Journal articles. From guideline implementation to perioperative safe practice, catch up on articles

  • Together in Safety
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