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  • Advertise

    AORN advertising opportunities include print, electronic, and social media.

  • AORN Seal of Recognition

    Looking for a way to get your solution seen by decision makers?  AORN's Seal of Recognition™ can be the differentiator. 

  • AORN Surgical Conference & Expo

     Connect and network with thousands of OR nurses at the nation's largest surgical trade show. Exhibit Over 12 hours of exhibit time offers face-to-face contact with 5,000 prospective customers and industry affiliate companies at the largest U.S. surgical tradeshow. 

  • Benefits of Seal of Recognition

    The AORN Seal of Recognition™ improves patient and worker safety by ensuring that manufacturer-provided perioperative materials are consistent with the latest evidence and best practices.

  • Exhibit

    Connect and network with over 5,000 prospective clients and affiliate companies at the largest surgical tradeshow in the U.S.

  • Industry Partners

    Expand your reach and enhance your brand by partnering with AORN. Exhibit at the largest surgical tradeshow in the US, get access to market research and mailing lists, and connect with over 5,000 prospective clients and affiliate companies.

  • Recognized Programs

    When perioperative professionals see the AORN Seal of Recognition, you can be confident that the associated content has undergone comprehensive review and aligns with AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.The Seal of Recognition is awarded to materials that align with AORN’s stringent standards for excellence in safe patient care. 

Guidelines for Perioperative Practice


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