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Establish a Named Scholarship

General Scholarship Fund

Individuals, members, chapters and state councils can contribute to the AORN Scholarship Program by designating their annual gift to the general scholarship fund.

Named Scholarships

Individuals, companies, and organizations may establish an annual named scholarship through the AORN Foundation. Named scholarships are a minimum of $1,000 for individuals, $5,000 for corporations.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships differ from others in that they are truly the gift that keeps giving. Instead of the entire amount of the gift being spent outright, the total amount of the gift is invested. Each year, only a portion of the invested income earned is spent while the remainder is added to the original principal. An endowment is a perpetual gift because only the interest is used to support the Foundation while the principle continuously grows. To establish an endowed scholarship, a minimum gift of $25,000 is required.

For more information to establish a named or endowed academic scholarship, contact the AORN Foundation at (800) 755-2676 or foundation@aorn.org.

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