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Perioperative Nurse Week

Nurses honor colleagues, friends and chapters during Perioperative Nurse Week 
with a named gift to the the AORN Foundation. 

Happy Perioperative Nurse Week

AORN of Northwest Georgia from Pat Moody
Baptist Health Louisville RNs from Stephanie Karlen 
Carma Cook from Cindy Knoeppel
Janie Hofflinger from Cindy Knoeppel
Doug Olson from Cindy Knoeppel
Maxine Kirkpatrick from Cindy Knoeppel
Trisha Divine from Cindy Knoeppel
Ali Myers from Cindy Knoeppel
Karen Pogue from Danielle Eason
Victoria Steelman from Annette Wasielewski
Fran Broxton from Kathleen J Robbins
Patricia Miller from Patricia Mayo
Emelee Giron from Elizabeth Mills
Cherrie Bowen from Elizabeth Mills
Amanda Mitchell from Elizabeth Mills
Crystal Combs from Elizabeth Mills
Kim Cavenaugh from Elizabeth Mills
Dr. Jane Rothrock from Shelley Schwartz
Marilyn Kennedy from Carmela Dayrit Gammad
Holly Ervine from Anne Medlin
Amanda Hughes from Elizabeth Mills
Amanda Goodin-Sherrill from Elizabeth Mills

Brittany Burton from Elizabeth Mills
Richard Hartman from Elizabeth Mills
Alisha Trexler from Elizabeth Mills
Kim Duvall from Elizabeth Mills
Jackie Ferguson from Elizabeth Mills
Shannon Litchfield from Elizabeth Mills
David Craig from Elizabeth Mills
Tammy Beck from Elizabeth Mills
Carolyn Crawford from Alyssa Throckmorton
Teresa Brundige from Alyssa Throckmorton
Nicole Elegban from Rosemarie Yager
Trudi Dittiger from Suzanne Bile
Anne Marie Patton from Beverly Tyler
Missi Merlino from Merideth Lewis-Cooney
In memory of Amy Harman from Gilda Gilbert
Wiley Smith from Carol Ann Hancok
Kikumi Saries from Carol Ann Hancok
Ruben Barrios from Carol Ann Hancok
Denise Anaya from Carol Ann Hancok
Peggy Cahman from Donna Laney

How to honor a nurse during PNW

It's easy! When you make a donation online, simply add the name of the individual you would like to recognize. We will send your honoree an e-card this week - letting them know you are thinking of them.

 Sample card 

PNW sample card 

Gifts to the AORN Foundation go to support educational resources for perioperative nurses, patient safety initiatives, academic and professional development scholarships, and research.   

Questions? Contact Foundation staff at (800) 755-2676, extension 395. 


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