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AORN has created a way to integrate perioperative data with your electronic health record system to give you accurate documentation for safe patient care.

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The AORN Syntegrity® Perioperative Framework

Can you measure the quality of care being provided to patients in the OR? The AORN Syntegrity® Perioperative Framework provides analytics, quality measures, and quantifies patient and worker safety by organizing and structuring clinical data for perioperative nursing care. The framework is built upon the Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS) and is embedded in today's industry-leading perioperative information systems.

How will it benefit my system?

  • electronic automation of the 3rd edition of the PNDS 

  • standardized, accurate documentation

  • meeting compliance requirements

  • standardized procedure list

  • benchmarking and reporting

The following vendors have incorporated the AORN Syntegrity Framework into their clinical information systems:

Want to learn more about the AORN SYNTEGRITY Framework?

View a slide show about the AORN Syntegrity Perioperative Framework.

Email us at syntegrity@aorn.org for more information.

What is the Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS)?

The PNDS is a standardized nursing vocabulary used to document the perioperative patient experience from pre-admission through discharge. The PNDS is:

How did the PNDS become the basis for the AORN Syntegrity Framework?

To help AORN members and information technology vendors implement the PNDS language into documentation, AORN reorganized the language, added new practice concepts and automated the new release of the PNDS to create the AORN Syntegrity Framework.

How can my organization incorporate PNDS into our EHR?

The 3rd version of the PNDS is available through the AORN Syntegrity Framework.

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