Seal of Recognition

Show Nurses Your Program Aligns with AORN's Guidelines

Perioperative professionals recognize and trust AORN's stringent standards for excellence in safety and optimal patient outcome.

AORN’s Seal of Recognition is awarded to educational materials that are consistent with AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, position statements, mission, and vision. Healthcare professionals look for the Seal to help them select quality programs, such as industry training, in-service programs, instructions, and other materials.

Materials that are eligible for the Seal may include:

  • In-service training and programs, including web programs, webinars, and on-line activities
  • Tool kits, white papers, posters, and guidelines
  • Training and in-service manuals/brochures intended for patients, consumers, and/or health care professionals
  • Electronic media (DVDs, CD-ROMS, etc.)
  • Operator’s manuals or user guides

*The Seal is not permitted for use with product marketing materials

Recognized Industry Programs

When perioperative professionals see the AORN Seal of RecognitionTM they can be confident that the associated content has undergone comp...

Frequently Asked Questions

The AORN Seal of Recognition™ improves patient and worker safety by ensuring that manufacturer-provided perioperative materials are consistent with th...