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AdventHealth Tampa in Florida has made significant investments in cutting-edge care by constructing The Taneja Center for Surgery, a $300M marvel that opened its doors in October 2021 and features 18 fully integrated ORs....

John C. Britt, MD, can remember when he would use image-guided navigation technology only for difficult or revision sinus surgery. Earlier versions of the technology...

A few months ago, I operated on a patient with severe nasal polyps —a condition that caused significant discomfort and breathing issues. These polyps were recurrent from...

We recently asked several forward-thinking ENT surgeons for insights on innovations that improve outcomes and enhance patient care. Removing the thyroid...

Patients seeking treatment for chronic sinus infections want lasting relief fast, and fortunately the latest innovations promise to help physicians deliver those results. ENT navigation systems,...

Innovations in ENT Surgery; What you need to know about middle ear endoscopy, virtual reality sinus navigation and a new sleep apnea surgery.

Wake Up to the Dangers of Sleep Apnea; 5 key takeaways from the new OSA guideline.

Advances in Image-Guided Sinus Surgery; Enhanced real-time imaging and improved instrumentation tracking let surgeons operate smarter and safer.

Everything You Need for ENT - With the right image-guided platform and microscope, you can set your facility up for future success.

The latest in image-guided ENT surgery. Technology and techniques are improving for the treatment of advanced sinus surgeries.

Coffee enhances accuracy of image-guided ENT surgery. Vacuum-sealed grounds in a tight-fitting headpiece keep optical sensors solidly in place.

Image-guided ENT: The new standard? How surgical navigation takes the guesswork out of delicate ENT procedures.

Surgeons remove thyroid gland by making 3 small incisions inside the mouth underneath lower lip. Endoscopic transnoral thyroidectomy is part of a near-scarless endoscopy evolution.

5 trends to watch in ENT technology. Advances in technology are leading to better outcomes and more-satisfied patients.

4 hot trends in sinus surgery. Top docs reveal how and where procedures will be performed in the not-too-distant future.

Test-driving the newest ENT navigation systems. Precision and convenience are the hallmarks of the 5 latest offerings.

Image-guided sinus surgery: The new standard of care? A growing number of surgeons and patients are demanding the game-changing technology.

What's new in chronic sinusitis treatment. Clear your patients' heads with balloon sinuplasty, image-guided navigation and steroid-eluting stents.

It's time to reconsider guidelines calling for automatic overnight stays. Outpatient adenotonsillectomy is possible.

Adenotonsillectomy Improves Sleep Apnea in Children - This Just In - M

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