The Profit Right Under Your Nose

While total joints and robotics are shiny new objects, lesser-known GI procedures could yield the new revenue you need.

The Essentials: The Foundation of Top-Quality Instrument Care

Best practices in the tracking, repair and maintenance of surgery’s most critical tools.

A Look Inside Urology ASCs

High-volume, short-duration, low-cost caseloads require maximum efficiency to ensure profitability.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine connects the ambulatory surgery community – and offers OR leaders a place to exchange ideas, learn about emerging trends and discover in-the-field solutions to daily challenges – providing the knowledge and tools to deliver high-quality care in the outpatient environment and keep healthcare workers and surgical patients safe.

May 2023

Is It Time to Add Knee Revision Cases?

With this complicated procedure expected to grow dramatically, here’s what you need to know.

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What’s New in Smoke Evacuation?

With 11 states requiring smoke-free ORs and 10 more considering it, now is the time to act by sharing the evidence and securing C-suite buy-in.

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Special Edition: May – Infection Control

Standardization Staves Off Infections

From gloving to hand hygiene compliance, here’s how to ensure consistency among your OR team...

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Creating a Top-Performing Sterile Processing Department

Creating a Top-Performing Sterile Processing Department...

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