Industry Insider: Looking Ahead to 2024

The changes, trends and issues that should be on facility leaders’ radars.

The Essentials: The Sticking Points of Sharps Safety

A combination of policy, safety-engineered devices, effective strategies, and consistent communication and education can reduce injury risks.

Trend to Watch: Is EHR Adoption Critical for ASCs?

What’s driving the current shift to electronic health records — and what OR leaders need to understand to make the switch.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine connects the ambulatory surgery community – and offers OR leaders a place to exchange ideas, learn about emerging trends and discover in-the-field solutions to daily challenges – providing the knowledge and tools to deliver high-quality care in the outpatient environment and keep healthcare workers and surgical patients safe.

November/December 2023

The Many Benefits of Wide-Awake Hand Surgery

No sedation, no IVs and no tourniquets are just a few advantages of this transformative surgical approach.

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What’s New in Gynecologic Surgery?

Giving more patients access to the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery is driving improvements on all fronts, including patient recovery and streamlined care in one outpatient space.

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Special Edition: September– Anesthesia and Pain Control

Difficult Airway Injuries Are on the Rise

Make sure these tips, tools and technologies are in your arsenal to keep patients safe....

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A Better Way to Evaluate Prefilled Syringes

Demand for this drug delivery method is on the rise, and more facilities are taking a closer look at this option....

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