Outpatient Cardiology Update

What to consider when contemplating adding this emerging specialty to your ASC.

Six Changes in AORN’s New Medication Safety Guideline

Find out how updated recommendations will impact your practice.

Facility Spotlight: Four Exemplary Surgery Centers

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March 2023

Standardize Your Surgical Safety Checklist

Confirm the right steps have been taken for every patient, every time.

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Achieving Success With Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

Numerous MIGS options are providing an attractive middle ground for glaucoma treatment.

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Special Edition: March – Surgical Construction

Outfitting for the Outpatient Ortho Boom

To capitalize on the surging market, design your facility with convenience and efficiency in mind.

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Inside OR Integration

A closer look at the considerations that go into seamlessly connecting the technology within your operating room.

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