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The day was like any other to the physicians and staff who bustled about the Warren Clinic, the office space of an orthopedic medical group on the campus of...

RaDonda Vaught stood in silence next to her attorney, seemingly resigned to her fate as the jury rendered its verdict. Guilty of gross neglect of an impaired adult. ...

Dr. Rodriguez is managing partner of Arizona Anesthesia Solutions in Phoenix, which partners with 150 providers across three markets. He has seen many competing groups...

AORN Addresses Critical Shortage of OR Nurses; Partnership with Chamberlain University prepares students for a career in surgery.

Minerva Romero Arenas, MD, MPH, FACS; The cofounder of the Latino Surgical Society discusses the ongoing challenges in developing surgeons from communities that remain underrepresented in medicine, and how providers of all kinds can work together to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the world of surgery.

AORN is marking the occasion by honoring surgery’s hardworking heroes.

Daniel K. Guy, MD, FAAOS, discusses the continuing migration of procedures to outpatient settings, challenges facing the specialty, exciting “reality” devices, the opioid crisis and why diverse patients need to see themselves in their orthopods.

Statistically striking finding emerges from the largest collaborative surgical study ever performed.

More than 80% of patients responded to messages sent by a Dallas ASC.

Hospitals Increasing Investments in ASCs; The trend is driven by growing interest in delivering cost-effective surgical care.

Hospital CEO Resigns After Making Incision During Surgery; The surgeon who allowed the invited guest to make the cut has been fired.

Roadmap for Performing Surgery During COVID-19; Updated guidelines focus on providing patients with needed surgical care.

Physicians Denounce 2021 CMS Fee Schedule; Providers across several specialties say reductions in Medicare payments will limit patient access to needed care.

Salmon Medical Innovation's DentaSafe Intubating Dental Guard is a single-use latex-free foam strip that provides a layer of protection between laryngoscope blades and...

Nominate Your Facility for an OR Excellence Award; It's time to celebrate the year's outstanding achievements in outpatient care.

Physicians Tepid About Telehealth; Survey of the coronavirus's impact on patient care identifies barriers to widespread use of virtual appointments.

ASCA Calls for Continued Access to Care During COVID-19; The surgery center association lobbies Congress for support of patients who need elective surgery and the providers who can deliver it.

AORN Expo Moves to August; Perioperative nurses are making plans to meet up in Orlando next summer.

HHS Clarifies Conditions for COVID-19 Grants; Terms for ASCs to keep federal money aren't as restrictive as they may have seemed.

CMS Issues Coronavirus Infection Control Guidance; Recommendations include how outpatient facilities can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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