10 Products That Help Keep Employees Safe


Help prevent cuts, trips, strains, exposures and more.

The holidays are over, but safety is an important gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. You can help wrap up an injury-free 2015 by taking advantage of some of these offerings.

    double-glove system SPOT ON This double-glove system warns you when the overglove has been punctured.
  1. The Biogel PI Indicator System from Molnlycke Health Care
    Pinhole-sized punctures in gloves can be almost invisible. This product warns you when your gloves have been compromised and you may be in danger of infection. When the overglove is punctured, fluid flows between the underglove and the overglove, and a dark patch appears. The company says surgeons who used the system spotted 97% of punctures that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  2. zero cords CUT THE CORDS Operate 9 systems at once with zero cords to trip over.
  3. ZeroWire Ultra from NDS Surgical Imaging
    The ultimate wireless solution eliminates a significant hazard by getting rid of the tangle of cords and cables that can trip up physicians, nurses and staff. The product allows up to 9 transmitter/receiver pairs to operate simultaneously within a 75-foot radius. Channels don't interfere with each other, thanks to "time frequency coding," and cords don't interfere with anyone's ability to stay upright.
  4. PlumePen AIR OF CONFIDENCE Here's a way to make "no smoking" the rule in your OR.
  5. PlumePen from Buffalo Filter
    Surgeons can maneuver the way they want, and everyone can breathe a little easier with this device. It's an electrosurgical pen with a built-in smoke-evacuation system. Surgeons designed it, so the smoke-capture port is adjustable and the hose connection can rotate 360 degrees, which means movement isn't impeded. It's compatible with most smoke evacuation systems and electrosurgical generators, so you can kick the surgical smoke habit and give everyone's lungs a much-needed break.
  6. Cios Alpha Mobile C-Arm SAFE C-ARM Reduced radiation exposure doesn't mean reduced image quality.
  7. Cios Alpha Mobile C-Arm from Siemens
    This C-arm is designed to deliver the lowest radiation dose possible without sacrificing image quality. The key is collimation technology, which allows images to be cropped asymmetrically on all sides. It has the dual benefit, says the company, of putting the area of immediate importance into primary focus and of reducing exposure for all involved.
    SharpsRin\k SHARP SOLUTION The SharpsRink is a vivid reminder for surgeons and techs.
  1. SharpsRink from Sandel
    This can't-miss reusable neutral zone solution, with its bright orange color, eliminates the need for hand-offs and shows clearly where sharp instruments should be placed. The result is fewer sharps injuries and increased compliance with recommendations from OSHA, AORN and the American College of Surgeons.
  2. Steri-Strain\er EASY HANDLING Sharp instruments go right from the basket to the autoclave with no handling.
  3. Steri-Strainer from Healthmark Industries
    Speaking of sharps, it's safe and easy to transport them with this autoclavable instrument retrieval system. Soiled instruments — sharp and otherwise — go into the drain basket, which sits inside a solid base tray. Add presoaking solution, cover the container and deliver it to sterile processing, which can simply lift the basket out to begin decontamination. It's an OSHA-compliant way to improve safety and efficiency.
  4. Z-Slider Patient Transfer Sh\eet HEAVY DUTY Sliding is a lot easier than lifting when you're moving patients.
  5. Z-Slider Patient Transfer Sheet from Sandel
    Moving or repositioning patients doesn't have to be back-breaking work. This repositioning sheet decreases strain to backs, shoulders, necks and arms by reducing friction and letting staff pull rather than lift patients. It's a single-patient use device, so there's little chance of cross-contamination. You can easily mount point-of-use holders in patient rooms, common areas or ORs.
  6. Iso-Gard \Mask INVISIBLE THREAT Exhaled waste anesthetic gas can be captured and eliminated.
  7. Iso-Gard Mask from Teleflex
    When patients in the PACU exhale, staff members can't help but inhale hazardous waste anesthetic gas, which, over time, can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and worse. The Iso-Gard Mask, which fits into the PACU's existing workflow, protects employees by scavenging waste gas while simultaneously delivering oxygen to patients.
  8. Big\ Foot LITTLE BIG MAT The Big Foot can handle a big case in a small space.
  9. The Big Foot from Big Foot Suction
    This low-cost device doesn't take up as much room as larger mats, but it sucks up fluid just as well. And because it's small, it can "roam" to where it's needed most. It can handle low-, moderate- and high-fluid cases, and has the ability to suction, dry and absorb, so you'll keep fluid off your OR floors and help prevent slips and falls.
  10. SurGuard3 safety needles from Terumo Medical
    You can use your thumb, your finger or any hard surface to activate these adaptable safety needles. There are also separate finger and thumb grips with ridges and non-slip surfaces. Meanwhile, the hub and needle locks provide security after the needle is activated. Providers like its firm injection feel. Patients like that it's the sharpest needle on the market, which increases comfort.
  11. SurGuard3 safety n\eedles TRIPLE PLAY This needle makes it safe and easy to get to the point.

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