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Disposable Colonoscope

A Self-Propelled, Disposable Colonoscope
Powered by 2 balloons and low-pressure CO2 for self-propelled intubation, the Aer-O-Scope Colonoscope is designed to change the way you perform colorectal cancer screening. The single-use device has 360 ? omni-directional visualization capabilities as well as a front view similar to conventional colonoscopy — visible to the practitioner on a single screen. It's designed to both ensure easy visualization behind haustral folds and to exert 10 times less pressure on the colon wall for a safe procedure. The company, GI View, says a breakthrough in the use of pneumatic technology enables motion within the colon with a thin multi-lumen cable and 2 balloons. An ergonomic joystick enables intuitive control of navigation, insufflation, irrigation and suction, adds GI View, which expects to introduce the Aer-O-Scope in the United States in 2016.

Lidocaine Gel

Prefilled Lidocaine Gel for Urology Surgery
Glydo (lidocaine HCI jelly USP, 2%) is a topical urological anesthetic lubricant available in prefilled, ready-to-use, disposable plastic syringes in 2 sizes: 6 mL and 11 mL. Glydo syringes are individually packaged and sterilized, meaning you can use Glydo during surgical procedures while maintaining the integrity of the sterile field, says Sagent Pharmaceuticals.

AirPurge Traps

AirPurge Traps and
Removes Air Bubbles from IV Lines

The AirPurge System detects, automatically removes and disposes of air bubbles in IV lines during the administration of intravenous solutions, blood and blood products in the OR or PACU. When the device detects a bubble, it instantaneously shuts off the flow of fluid, diverts the bubble into a disposable collection bag and then reverts to free flow — all within a few milliseconds. Recently given FDA De Novo clearance, the AirPurge, which mounts easily on an IV pole, is especially useful with fluid warmers, which can increase the presence of bubbles. When air bubbles enter patients, they can cause migraine headaches, mini-strokes and even death in rare instances, says Anesthesia Safety Products.

PPE With Decals

Style Your PPE With Decals
PPE Decals are great ways to style your personal protection equipment. They come in different styles to show support of a specific cause or department. They include support ribbons that you can color-coordinate to match monthly awareness campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness or Alzheimer's Disease Awareness. Additionally, the 3" x 3" Heart of the Hospital stickers are a great way to showcase a department's value to its facility.

Simple Suction

Simple Suction When You Need It
A must-have for airway management carts, the Suction-Easy Manual Emergency Suction Unit from EM Innovations simply and safely clears the pharynx when wall-mounted options are not available. Its double-valved design allows continuous, one-handed operation while freeing the other hand to guide the contoured tip through the airway. The easily gripped and compressed bulb delivers consistent, controlled vacuum force without battery or electrical power. An attached 1,000 cc bag collects aspirated material, and the single-use device can be disposed of in its original packaging, which includes a biohazard label, eliminating the need to handle or reprocess canisters or tubing. ' $29.95 each

Oral Syringes

Oral Syringes Offer Greater
Precision With Less Handling

The newest oral syringes from Medi-Dose/EPS are designed to improve accuracy, eliminate dosing confusion and reduce the possibility of contamination. The plunger design provides a 10% longer stroke than other oral syringes, which improves the accuracy of minute-dose administration. The graduation markings are metric only, which is consistent with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices' recent recommendation. And the "hands-free" tip caps automatically orient themselves right-side up on any surface, reducing the need for handling. Syringes range in size from 0.5 mL to 60 mL, and come in both clear and light-protecting, ultraviolet-inhibiting amber models.

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