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Thinking of Buying Surgery Tables


STAT-BLOC™ Linens Feature Triple-Layer Protection
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These antimicrobial linens protect patients from bacteria and cross-contamination.


Many options exist for operating room table linens including fabric linens, disposable linens, and antimicrobial disposable linens. Antimicrobial disposable linens go a step beyond standard disposable linens and offer an antimicrobial in the impervious backing that helps prevent bacteria from traveling through the table sheet. This added feature helps prevent cross-contamination and enhance infection control. A stand-out product line is the STAT-BLOC™ table linens– the only disposable antimicrobial linens that help prevent cross-contamination with its unique table covers, arm board covers and headrest and pillow covers.

STAT-BLOC™ linens are designed to maximize turnover ease and efficiency. For example, STAT-BLOC™ arm board covers feature dual, secured straps for added safety and to prevent straps from falling to the floor and becoming contaminated. The STAT-BLOC™ headrest covers feature an integrated flap for full coverage. STAT-BLOC™ linens can also be included in custom STAT-PAC™ turnover kits which are designed to help improve efficiency and infection control in the O.R.

In a study of bed mattresses, the FDA received more than 700 reports that the mattress covers failed to prevent blood and body fluids from leaking into the mattress.1 STAT-BLOC™ linens with AMT™ Antimicrobial Technology provide complete protection against bacterial migration. They are at least 99% effective against MRSA, CRE, E. Coli and COVID-19, providing enhanced protection compared to reusable linens and non-antimicrobial disposable linens.2 Additionally, STAT-BLOC™ linens are made of 49% renewable bio-based material which is carbon-neutral when incinerated.3

The table sheets provide three layers of protection including a quilted, breathable top layer which allows for fluid absorption and minimizes wrinkling to help prevent skin breakdown and protects the patient’s skin; strong concentration of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) for maximum fluid control; and an impervious backing with proprietary antimicrobial technology which offers complete protection against bacterial migration.4

STAT-BLOC™ table sheets have been shown in testing to be more absorbent than leading table sheets and absorb 3x faster than the leading table sheet.2 STAT-BLOC™ linens are available in either orange or blue. The orange color is a visible indicator of the antimicrobial protection and provides separation from blue sterile drapes. The product also produces less lint than standard reusable linens to help prevent cross-contamination. The impervious, antimicrobial backing prevents strike through contamination of the mattress and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Overall, STAT-BLOC™ linens offer a comprehensive solution for infection control and efficiency in the operating room that goes a step beyond fabric and standard disposable linen options.

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Thinking of Buying Surgery Tables

Versatility, functionality and superior safety are crucial, but don’t underestimate the importance of surgeon preference – and an industry partner.

As one of the fastest growing specialties today, outpatient spine in particular as a service line is a highly competitive newer service line. To stand out in a crowded orthopedic market, you need the right surgeons, the right staff and, of course, the right equipment.

Finding the right table (or tables) for your facility is of paramount importance. These tables must be versatile, functional and unequivocally safe. They must also fit into your budget. With an abundance of table manufacturers available, it helps to break out the most critical features and decide exactly what you’re not willing to live without.

Purchasing the right spine table starts with surgeon preference. Expect your surgeons to have strong feelings about the table on which they operate – and rightly so. After all, spine surgery requires highly specialized procedures that require tables with the right attachments to perform procedures such as laminotomies, microdiscectomies and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusions (TLIFs) as efficiently as possible.

Talk with your surgeons about the features they absolutely need – as opposed to those they want – and factor that feedback into the purchasing decision. With surgeon preferences in hand, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re likely to spend, and it’s going to be significant. The versatility of these specialized surgical tables equates to tens of thousands of dollars in upfront costs. But here’s where a little extra effort can pay dividends down the road.

Do your homework, get multiple bids and don’t be afraid to forgo those extras that aren’t mission critical (are all the attachments and accessories truly needed?). And if you’re still having trouble deciding between two or three tables, service and reputation should be the deciding factors. This is where you’re looking for a true industry partner, rather than a traditional, transaction-driven vendor. In addition to superior service and training, an industry partner is dedicated to nurturing long-term relationships with customers and will often bend over backwards to tailor its offerings to a facility’s unique needs and goals.

Learn about these surgery tables on the market:

Increase Your Spinal Procedure Capacity

Spine Table

The CS Spine Frame from Care Surgical is the answer if you’re looking for an innovative, flexible and cost-effective spine platform that fits all standard operating tables – giving you a patient position comparable to that of a specialist spine table but at a fraction of the cost. The CS Spine Frame features a low-profile, radiolucent design that is easily adjustable to accommodate various patient sizes, with a 550-lb. weight capacity and a design that allows the abdomen to hang freely.

For more information, call (866) 243-4107, email [email protected] or visit

Versatile Positioning Solutions for Spine Surgery


The Trios® Surgical Table System is the next generation Modular Table System, previously called the Jackson Table. Trios supports anterior and posterior spine procedures plus imaging needs with enhanced safety and positioning capabilities. Interchangeable tops work with the universal base for improved flexibility and storage. The Wilson™ Plus Radiolucent Frame provides a convenient and stable method for maintaining patients in a flexed position for various lumbar procedures. It’s well-suited for surgery centers with limited budgets and can be used on the Trios or a general surgery table.

For more information, visit

Position Your Patient, and Team, For Success

Biodex C-Arm Table

Biodex continues its commitment to excellence with the Surgical C-Arm Table-840, designed for image-guided fluoroscopic procedures where stability, access, and precise, quiet, vibration-free positioning are essential. The contoured tabletop features a face cutout for comfortable prone positioning, and the Free-Float tabletop features specially designed SmoothGlide movement. The Surgical C-Arm Table-840 is ideal for cardiovascular and interventional radiology applications and features:

• A radiolucent area free of cross members, allowing full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-Arm positioning.
• A functional design that provides complete access with reduced radiation exposure to clinicians.
• Standard AC and battery power.
• 500-pound patient capacity.

For more information, visit OSM

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