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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
Improved Pulse Oximetery
Scheduled for launch in January (after final FDA approval and ongoing clinical trials are completed), the N595, Nellcor's newest addition to its line of "smart" pulse oximeters features a sensor that is attached to the patient's forehead, rather than the traditional finger sensor. According to the company, there is clinical data that suggests that the forehead sensor can detect drops in the oxygen levels of poorly perfused patients up to two minutes faster than by doing finger-tip oximetry. Additionally, forehead oximetry is more vascular and, by its very nature, is less prone to motion. Forehead oximetery may also help make things easier for the anesthesia provider, who stands by the patient's head during a procedure. Like the other oximetry units in the same series, the new device has a digital clip in the sensor that will upload event information to the monitor. Among other data exchange features, the device can "tell" if it is hooked up incorrectly and can upload a suggestion to the monitor of what to change.

For more information, call (800)-Nellcor (635-5267), visit www.nellcor.com, or circle 131 on the Reader Service Card.

A Bright Idea
The Visionary Operating Room light from Burton Medical offers compact size, low heat, focusability and flexible movement. The lighthead has a diameter of 20 inches and contains four 35-watt quartz halogen bulbs, each with a 2000-hour bulb life. Changing bulbs is simple; just, push, twist and turn to remove the old bulb and then screw in the new one. The light projects a spotlight that can vary from four inches to eight inches in diameter; you focus the light with a removable, autoclavable handle. The Visionary features a heat filter and reflector system to ensure that the lights stay cool. According to the company, this patented system filters out 90 percent of near infrared waves that the light produces. The headlight can also rotate a full 360? around the vertical axes.

These units list for $4,500 for a single ceiling model or $7,500 for a double ceiling model. For more information on the Visionary Light call (800) 444-9909, visit www.burtonmedical.com, or circle 132 on the Reader Service Card.

Make Your Scopes Sparkle
Spectrum Surgical Instruments introduces the Flexible Scope Cleaning Kit, the first complete set of brushes for cleaning flexible scopes. The kit includes six brushes to make cleaning and decontaminating flexible scopes a snap. Two 240-cm long brushes can reach down into the length of the scope to remove debris; one has a 6-mm diameter, the other a 3-mm diameter. For valve cleaning, the kit also contains 5-mm, 7-mm, 11-mm, and 11.6-mm diameter brushes.

The kit lists for $18.95. For more information contact Spectrum at (800) 444-5644, www.spectrumsurgical.com, or circle 133.

Office ophthalmology
Carl Zeiss Ophthalmology group now offers the first microscope for the ophthalmic office market, OPMI pico i. The unit's compact design and affordability make it a good solution for many office and OR procedures, including post-LASIK examinations, post-refractive surgery treatments, examinations and therapies for the outer eye. The OPMI pico i's basic features include an integrated 406 nm UV filter, apochromatic optics for corrected, true color rendition, a five-step magnification changer, and fine focusing objective lens. In addition to the unit's basic features, the OPMI pico i also offers a fully integrated video option featuring a single-chip video camera and camera control unit. It is available as a standing floor unit, or mounted on the wall or ceiling.

The item lists for $9,700. For more information about the new OPMI pico i, call Carl Zeiss at (914) 681-7755, visit www.pico-i.com, or circle 134 on the Reader Service Card.