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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
Site light
You may be able to help your surgeons and staff see better during deep cavity procedures with the new Lumitex LightMat, which brings light into the surgical incision. This device is a malleable, acrylic fiber optic panel that attaches to most surgical retractors with double-sided adhesive. The panel is connected to a cable, which attaches to a xenon light source. When you turn on the light source, the panel emits a shadowless, bright, cool light that illuminates the surgical site and hard-to-see areas, including deep cavities and under flaps. You can attach the LightMat to a variety of surgical devices besides retractors, including suction devices; you can also use it independently, conforming to the needs of the surgical site. The device is disposable and single-use only. The manufacturer recommends dimming the overhead lights to improve visualization. Lumitex claims that the device may help save time, improve outcomes, and improve a surgeon's mobility.

The item lists for $85; this includes one LightMat and two pieces of adhesive. For more information, call Lumitex at (800) 969-5483, visit www.lumitex.com or circle 131.

Be a video star
Gulden Ophthalmics Image Consultant software may help your surgeons capture and store still images and video clips from any video or digital source, including slit-lamps, video fundus cameras, video binocular indirects, or operating microscopes. It can capture images during an exam or during a surgical procedure. The software keeps the images in an extensive database; you can also print them or transfer them electronically, allowing other clinicians to easily consult on the case.

The Image Consultant software is compatible with Windows 98 or higher, and requires Pentium 600 MHz processing speed, 128 MB of RAM, and 600 MB of disk space, and the software site license is $2,700. For more information on the Image Consultant, call Gulden Opthal,ics at (800) 659-2250, visit www.guldenindustries.com or circle 132.

That's a wrap
The orthoRAP by SunMedica, Inc. may help to alleviate patient discomfort while reducing post-operative complications from various types of orthopedic procedures. The orthoRAP products are made of a cotton stretch latex-free fabric that conforms to the contours of the body and conducts moisture away from the wound. The wrap provides uniform compression that has been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of fluid buildup in the tissue, which can help prevent wound complications. Tape blisters are also a major post-surgical concern. The orthoRAPs are designed to hold a sterile dressing over a wound using hook and loop closures, eliminating the need for tape. They are available for the hip, shoulder, knee, back, breast, ankle, wrist and elbow, and the hipRAP and shoulderRAP are reversible for use on the right or left side. Most of the wraps have a pocket to hold cold therapy packs in place for pain control.

The wraps range in price from $9.95 to 40.85, depending on the style. For more information contact SunMedica at (800) 995-8715, visit www.sunmedica.com or circle 133.

Steam clean your scopes
Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. recently announced the addition of autoclavable endoscopes to its line of surgical instruments. The scopes were made to endure the high levels of heat that are a part of the steam autoclave process. The line includes arthroscopes, cystoscopes, hysteroscopes, and laparoscopes ranging from 1.7 mm to 10 mm. Like all Spectrum Surgical instruments, the endoscopes are made from German surgical stainless steel, and these scopes employ sapphire lenses at the proximal and distal ends to resist scratching cased by shavers and instruments. According to the manufacturer, the line of rigid scopes offer excellent illumination, high resolution, and brilliant image quality. Spectrum scopes are completely autoclavable and carry a 5-year warranty.

The scopes range in price from $2,500 to $3,500. For more information, call Spectrum Surgical at (800) 444-5644, visit www.spectrumsurgical.com or circle 134.

Gloves with a soft touch
Medline Industries, Inc. has introduced the first vinyl, medical exam glove coated on the inside with a natural aloe vera gel-the vinyl Aloetouch Ultra exam glove. Aloe comes from the aloe vera plant and has for centuries been used to help heal and soothe dry, chapped skin. Research indicates that aloe helps reduce inflammation, enhance skin hydration, and softens the skin. "Aloetouch was designed to address the needs of today's healthcare worker who often develops dry, chapped hands as a result of frequent glove changes and hand washes," said Tripp Amdure, president of Medline's glove division. "We developed Ultra to respond to the needs of health care workers and patients who are latex sensitive and require latex-free products." The glove is made with Medline's unique vinyl formula, which, the company claims, provides an improved fit and stretch over traditional vinyl gloves, and it is free of latex proteins and safe for any latex-sensitive staff or patients.

The gloves list for $9.44 per box; one box contains 100 gloves. For more information on the Aloetouch Ultra vinyl exam glove, call Medline Industries, Inc at (847) 949-3011, visit www.medline.com or circle 135.