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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
Heat seal vessels
Gyrus Medical recently introduced the the vessel-sealing PK Seal Open Forceps. According to the company, this device can reduce surgical time by as much as 20 percent by eliminating the need for sutures and staples during many laparoscopic and open gynecological, urological and general surgical procedures. The forceps are part of the PK Tissue Management System. You plug the cord into the PK Generator, which delivers high levels of pulsed bipolar energy to seal vessels up to 10mm. The PK system's Vapor Pulse Coagulation produces controlled pulses to evenly coagulate the targeted tissue. Gyrus says coagulated vessels are bonded so securely they can withstand five times a normal person's blood pressure. The outer surface of theinstrument's jaws have a non-conductive coating to protect adjacent tissue from thermal damage. The PK Seal Open Forceps come in three different tip designs: curved, straight, or angled.

The PK Seal Open Forceps list for $149. For more information about this product contact Gyrus Medical at (800) 852-9361, visit www.gyrusmedical.com, or circle 146 on the Reader Service Card.

Kinder, gentler laparoscopy
According to Lexion Medical, its Insuflow System reduces the tissue damage and intra-operative hypothermia associated with insufflating the abdomen with cold, dry CO2 during laparoscopy. The Insuflow filters, heats, and humidifies laparoscopic gas to the body's normal conditions. The system includes the power source, a controller that hooks up to a telephone jack and an AC adapter, nine feet of disposable tubing, a filter heater hydrator, and a needless syringe. Using the needless syringe, you inject 10 cc of sterile water into the valve on top of the filter heater hydrator. The Insuflow system's tubing replaces your standard insufflation tubing and adapts to all insufflators. The CO2 passes from the insufflator through the tubing, and as it passes through the filter heater hydrator, it is warmed to 95? F and humidified.

The Insuflow System lists for $125. For more information, contact Lexion Medical at (877) 9-LEXION, visit www.lexionmedical.com, or circle 147 on the Reader Service Card.

A stronger synthetic glove
Sempermed recently introduced the Polymed XP, a fusion of latex and synthetic glove technologies. The XP of the Polymed XP stands for extra protection. The glove is made from a combination of polymer and latex, which according to the company has increased strength, durability and tear resistance. The fingertips are also 16-mil thick, more than double the barrier protection of leading gloves. The fingertips and palm have a rough surface for a better grip. The glove is powder-free, which eliminates the aerosolization of glove powder and latex proteins. Instead of powder, the inside of the glove is coated with a multi-layer polymer for easy donning. The Polymed XP is a low-protein glove, containing 50 micrograms or less of latex protein per gram, and it is 12 inches in length with a beaded cuff to protect both the hands and lower arm.

The gloves list for $62 per case, which includes 1,000 pairs. Contact Sempermed for more information. Call (800) 366-9545, go to www.sempermedusa.com, or circle 148 on the Reader Service Card.

Make your facility paper-free
zCHART electronic medical records were designed to reduce the time and expense of managing paper records. The zCHART system includes both the software and hardware needed to run a virtually paper-free facility.

The system's "nerve center" is a central server, which you access from portable wireless monitors, which come equipped with pen styluses. The Windows-based software allows you to view patient information in more than 50 different ways; you can even customize the screens for different surgeons and procedures. Changing information is easy; the screens use check-boxes that you update with a touch of the stylus. The system keeps information in a standardized format and reduces the amount of writing that you need to do. If you need paper copies, you can print individual pages or whole records.

The zCHART program also complies with HIPAA security standards. Each person with access to the system has his or her own PIN number to access the records. The company is releasing a newer version this summer; it will identify users by their fingerprints. The company also provides a two-hour training session.

The software lists for $2,800. Contact zCHART for more information about the hardware prices. Call (866) ZCHARTS, visit www.z-chart.com, or circle 149 on the Reader Service Card for more information.

Chop the toughest cataracts
Your cataract surgeons may save time with Rhein Medical's Nichamin II Quick Chopper, which has a special offset distal tip designed to insert itself quickly and efficiently into a very hard nucleus. This allows for easier vertical downward chopping through a side port incision, according to the company. The chopper's 45-degree offset posterior cutting edge easily fractures a nucleus consistently in line with the phaco incision for a more reproducible and predictable split. The gentle curve in the distal shaft allows for easier insertion and removal, and the instrument is also useful for dialing and sweeping nucleus fragments into the central safety zone. The Chopper is available in two models for right-handed and left-handed. The instruments are autoclaveable and guaranteed for life.For the price or for more information, contact Rhein Medical at (813) 855-5050, visit www.rheinmedical.com, or circle 150 on the Reader Service Card.