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OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008
In our December 2001 issue, the new ICD-9 code for SLAP lesions, should read 840.7, not 840.70.

Due to a typographical error in the ad index of our special Builder's Issue, we published the wrong address for Citicapital's website. It is http://www.citicapital.citigroup.com.

The article entitled "Mysterious Medicare" in the January 2002 issue included selected rates for HOPDs and ASCs. These rates were not current for either setting. The data was based upon a 2000 publication of the Federated Ambulatory Surgery Association in 2000. The article should have noted that the ASC rates were proposed, not final rates. Below is a chart developed by FASA that compares the most current ASC and HOPD rates.