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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
A smarter stethoscope
The new 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 4000 is a powerful electronic stethoscope that is designed to pick up difficult-to-hear heartbeats and other body sounds; it also amplifies, records, and plays back sound for enhanced analysis. The chestpiece contains a microphone and a low-noise amplifier that offers up to 18 times the amplification of most advanced conventional Littmann stethoscopes. The Littmann Electronic Stethoscope is also available in a 2000 Model, which amplifies sounds up to 14 times.

Doctors can instantly play back the recorded sounds at normal or half speed, allowing them to analyze the sounds more carefully. In addition, the stethoscope is able to transmit recorded data to another Model 4000 stethoscope or to an IBM-compatible personal computer using infrared technology. This gives clinicians the opportunity to store and retrieve sounds for future study. Both models are sized for adult or pediatric use, and each comes with a headset. The Model 4000 operates for one month on two AAA alkaline batteries, and the Model 2000 runs on just one AAA.

Contact 3M for price estimates or for more information. Call (651) 737-5090, visit www.3m.com, or circle 135

Sensitive eyelid speculums?
Traditional lid speculums used during cataract and refractive surgery tend to distort eyelids as they retract, making them difficult for the surgeon to use and uncomfortable for the patient. The Maloney-Seibel Vision Institute's 3-D Lid Speculum may solve this problem. The instrument is designed to fit the shape of the eye better, and it has a unique pivot action that gently rotates eyelids back during surgery. Bausch