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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
Better pillow positioning
According to H.E.A.D. Prone, Inc., its Prone Positioning Pillow (P3) is uniquely shaped to support the patient's head while maintaining straight alignment of the neck without putting pressure on the eyes, nose and ears. The P3's patented U-shape design allows right or left side positioning of anesthesia machines, as well as a clear view of the patient's face and easy access to any tubes used during the surgery. The center foam cut-out is included with the unit, so you can also use it as a standard pillow. It is made of high-density soft foam, which maintains its shape during use and minimizes facial skin pressure, according to the company. The pillow comes compression wrapped to save storage space until it is needed.

Adult sized pillows list for $9.50. For more information call H.E.A.D. Prone, Inc. at (866) 541-1776, visit www.headprone.com, or circle 131 on the Reader Service Card.

Tape that heals as it seals?
Hy Tape surgical tape is now latex-free, protecting both patients and healthcare professionals from latex allergies. The tape is made from a zinc-oxide-based adhesive formula, which according to the manufacturer, provides soothing relief to the skin. It is formulated to be easily removed without trauma or tearing, and it leaves little or no residue. It is also waterproof and washable, and you can wipe the tape clean with soap and water.

Hy Tape is available in three types of packaging in widths from 0.25 inches through four inches wide; each roll comes with five yards of tape. Contact the manufacturer for a price. Call Hy Tape at (800) 248-0101, visit www.hytape.com, or circle 132 on the Reader Service Card for more information.

Cut IOLs with ease
Rhein Medical recently developed the new Chu Foldable Lens Cutter in coordination with Y. Ralph Chu, MD. According to the company, the instrument is designed to safely and easily cut and remove foldable lens through a small incision without having to enlarge the incision. The forceps is specially designed to slice even high-diopter silicone and acrylic lenses with ease. It is also useful for cutting and explanting foldable lenses.

You can try the instrument for 30 days with no obligation. Call Rhein for a price or for more information at (800) 637-4346, visit www.rheinmedical.com, or circle 133 on the Reader Service Card.

Durable and powder-free
According to Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, it's new Ultrafree Max powder-free surgical gloves are more than 20 percent thicker than it's standard Ultrafree gloves and offer maximum strength and protection without sacrificing comfort and tactile sensitivity. They are produced on a custom glove mold, and they feature a beaded cuff and shorter, wider fingers than standard gloves. The beaded cuffs help the gloves stay in place and prevents rolldown, and the 12" length adds extended hand and wrist coverage. The gloves are dark brown in color to reduce glare, and, the company says, they are easy to put on.

Contact Allegiance for price. For more information, call (800) 964-5227, visit the company website at www.cardinal.com/allegiance, or circle 134 on the Reader Service Card.

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