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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
Stick without the prick
National Medical Products recently released the first disposable, needle-free, jet-syringe, the J-Tip Needle-Free Injection System. The system works by delivering medication such as lidocaine or xylocaine through the pores of the skin and into the subcutaneous space using CO2 gas pressure. The system includes:
  • The J-Tip Needleless Injector: This is a single-use, pre-sterilized, disposable unit. The J-Tip Injector is filled in a similar manner to a needle syringe. Each sterile disposable injector contains its own CO2 power source (CO2).
  • The J-Tip Transporter: This allows medication to be taken from the bottle and filled into the J-Tip injectors. It is provided as a sterile disposable unit and is discarded when the medication bottle is emptied.
  • The J-Tip Adapter: This device is attached to the medication bottle. This enables the user to fill the J-Tip Transporter with the appropriate dosage. The J-Tip Adapter is provided as a sterile unit, which can be thrown away when the medication bottle is empty. The J-Tip adapter is packaged and sold separately.

According to the company, the J-Tip System is virtually pain-free and easy to use. To use the device, you simply attach the Adapter to the medication bottle. Then you use the Transporter to draw out the desired amount of medication, and then transfer it the medication to the Injector. Simply press the release, and it completely injects the medication in a fraction of a second and widely disperses the solution so it can be quickly absorbed. The company says that the system does not damage or scar tissue as a needle injection would, and it eliminates the risk of needlesticks.

Contact National Medical Products for a price or more information. Call (949) 768-1147, visit www.jtip.com, or circle 135 on the Reader Service Card.

Stable c-arm table
According to Biodex Medical Systems, its new Surgical C-Arm Table 840 with a free-float XY tabletop was designed for procedures where stability, access, and precise, vibration-free positioning are essential. The carbon fiber tabletop offers an extra-large radiolucent area, allowing full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-Arm positioning. It is compatible with either portable or ceiling-suspended C-Arms. Hand-controlled motorized adjustment of height, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, and lateral roll positioning is standard.

The C-Arm Table lists for $29,900. Contact Biodex Medical Systems at (800) 224-6339,visit www.biodex.com, or circle 136 on the Reader Service Card for more information.

Stronger synthetic gloves
According to Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, its new Esteem, a synthetic powder-free surgical glove offers the fit, feel and performance of natural rubber latex glove. Formulated with synthetic polyisoprene, the glove provides exceptional strength and performance, stretching more than traditional neoprene-based synthetic surgical gloves before breaking, says the company. They are soft and comfortable, conforming to one's hand for a fit comparable to that of a natural rubber latex glove.

Contact Allegiance for a price and further information. Call (800) 964-5227, visit the website www.cardinal.com/allegiance, or circle 137 on the Reader Service Card for more information.

Complete cleaning collection
Spectrum Surgical Instruments recently introduced its Ultimate Instrument Cleaning Kit. This complete kit was designed to offer your staff everything required to keep your instruments clean. It includes a high-powered, tabletop ultrasonic cleaner and a gallon of Spectra-Sonic, Spectrum's high concentrate ultrasonic cleaning solution. Also included is a gallon of instrument cleaning soap, Spectra-Soap, a spray bottle of instrument lubricant, Spectra-Lube, a spray bottle of autoclave cleaning solution, Spectra-Clave, and a set of instrument cleaning brushes.

The kit lists for approximately $400. For more information, contact Spectrum Surgical at (800) 444-5644, visit www.spectrumsurgical.com, or circle 138 on the Reader Service Card.

Moving patients made easy
The Patient Porter from OR Direct offers an easier way to transfer patients from OR tables to stretchers. The device is a flat pad, 19 inches long by 30.5 inches wide, which slides under the patient. You hold the yellow edge to maneuver the pad under the patient. At one end of the pad there is a lever, which the operator then cranks to move the pad from the table to the stretcher, transporting the patient as well. The Patient Porter reduces the number of staff members needed to transfer a patient and eliminates the need to reposition the patient. It can transfer patients up to 400 pounds and reduces the risk of back injuries to staff.

The Patient Porter lists for $1,495. Call (800) 673-4732, go to www.ordirect.com, or circle 139 on the Reader Service Card.

All-in-one chair
The Stretchair from Patient Transfer System is a combination wheelchair/stretcher that, according to the company, was ergonomically designed to help reduce back injuries related to transferring patients. The Stretchair can be converted into a wheelchair, recliner, and stretcher. The unit also has locking wheels so it can used as a stationary chair or table. With the Stretchair, patients can easily move from the operating room to recovery area all in the same chair. The model MC250 has a weight capacity of 250 lbs., and the MC400 model has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The Stretchair model MC250 is priced at approximately $3,000. Call (800) 273-1162, go to www.stret-chair.com, or circle 140 on the Reader Service Card.