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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
A better way to flush away fluids
Make fluid disposal easier and safer with the Dornoch Transposal Infection Fluid Collection and Disposal System. The Transposal System includes two separate components: The Transposal Safety Station and the Transposal High-Fluid Cart. The safety station is an automated device used in the decontamination area. It empties, flushes, and terminally disinfects two reusable 2800 cc canisters during each cycle, which last approximately two minutes. The canister lids are then disposed and the canisters can be reused. According to the company, the safety station eliminates the need for nurses to open canisters, avoiding exposure to infectious fluids.

If your facility does more fluid-intensive cases, such as orthopedic and urology procedures, you may want to purchase the Transposal High-Fluid Cart. The cart is stationed in the OR and can collect up to 48 liters. After the procedure, it is hooked up to the cart evacuation unit in a decontamination area. The cart also is self-cleaning and self-disinfecting during a cycle that ranges between three to nine minutes. According to the company, the cart's capacity is larger and the cycle time is shorter than other comparable products.

The Safety Station starts at $22,999. For more information, contact Dornoch Medical Systems, Inc. at (888) 466-6633, visit www.dornoch.com, or circle 146 on the Reader Service Card.

A cut above
If you are looking for a sharper surgical scissors, consider Spectrum Surgical's new Microgrind Scissors. According to the company, these German-crafted surgical scissors are the sharpest Spectrum offers. One blade has a serrated edge that grips the tissue while the other razor-sharp blade cuts the tissue. According to the company, this technique ensures high-quality cutting action and prevents tissue slippage. The scissors are backed by a lifetime warranty, which includes free sharpening, and they are available in a variety of sizes and patterns including Mayos and Metzenbaums.

The Microgrind Scissors start at $45. For more information, contact Spectrum Surgical Instruments at (800) 444-5644, visit www.spectrumsurgical.com, or circle 147 on the Reader Service Card.

Precision positioning
You may be able to position patients more precisely with the new SurgiGraphic 6000 table from Steris. According to the company, the tabletop's 4-Way Float function allows it to glide into place; this feature may be especially useful for procedures requiring a C-arm, because it allows you to move the table without repositioning the C-arm. Using the 4-Way Float palm handle, you can adjust the table into a variety of positions, including including simultaneous lateral float and Trendelenburg/reverse, Trendelenburg, simultaneous longitudinal float and lateral tilt, lateral tilt, and Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg tilt. The table is electric, and it has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

The SurgiGraphic 6000 lists for $62,150. For more information, contact Steris at (440) 354-2600, visit www.steris.com, or circle 148 on the Reader Service Card.

Surgeon-friendly suction
The Monopolar Intranasal Suction Coagulator's ergonomic shape and unique tip design allows surgeons to work at angles that are nearly parallel to the target tissue, as opposed to the traditional perpendicular, which allows greater surgeon comfort. According to the manufacturer, Kirwan, the instrument's suction tube tip is cut at a 45? angle and the edge is beveled to make procedures more comfortable for the surgeon. The tip of the suction coagulator has two cutouts along the beveled edge. These cutouts create a dynamic airflow, which induces suction on two planes simultaneously. The superior airflow reduces the potential for clogging and eliminates the need for an aspiration port on the handle. The narrow tip also allows precise coagulation of the target tissue with less thermal injury to adjacent structures. Applying the full profile of the tube to the target tissue increases the coagulation coverage for each pass. And airflow of the larger orifice creates better suction at the tip, reducing the potential for clogging and making the instrument easier to clean.

The intranasal suction coagulator is available in a three inch working length and two French sizes, 8 Fr, 10 Fr and range in price from $7-14 each. For more information, contact Kirwan at (781) 834-9500, visit www.kirwans.com, or circle 149 on the Reader Service Card.

Order supplies online
A new web site may make ordering supplies easier and more efficient. Medbiz offers an online cataloguecontaining more than 80,000 products from operating room items to office supplies. And the company claims that because they deal directly with manufacturers, their prices are 15-50 percent less than other vendors. The Medbiz system also allows you to create and save order templates, making it easy to reorder items that you need often.

For a price comparision or more informationcontact (866) DIAL-MED, visit www.medbiz.com, or circle 150 on the Reader Service Card.