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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 9, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News
Advanced Digital Imaging
The Image 1 endoscopic video camera from Karl Storz delivers pure digital imaging that realistically renders patient anatomy for the cleanest, sharpest images. Unlike other systems that convert analog images to digital in the camera box, the Image 1 converts optical images to digital at the CCD sensing chip in the camera head. Digital Source Sampling (DSS) has the added benefit of minimizing image artifacts while reducing environmental influences such as that from an electrosurgical generator. The system comes with a one-year no-fault warranty. The U.S. list price ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 based on the system that you order.

Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc.

Back-up battery power
The Reassurance battery-operated emergency power system provides peace of mind during power outages. The unit supplies back up electrical power within 20-30 milliseconds to commercial, non-life-supporting equipment. The Reassurance is compact, portable and requires no installation. It plugs into a wall outlet and automatically re-charges when not in use. Four different sizes are available - one, two, three or four 100 amp-hour units. The rechargeable batteries last four to five years. The Reassurance power system starts at $2,700.


Specialists in medical marketing
Healthcare Communications PRN is a full-service marketing and advertising firm specializing in healthcare-related facilities, providers and businesses. The company has coupled marketing/advertising personnel with healthcare professionals to offer services specific to the healthcare industry. And all its services are available pro re nata (PRN) - when you need them. The company offers a range of services, including marketing, budgeting, public relations, graphic design and speech writing. Prices vary.

Healthcare Communications PRN

Disinfection with less glutaraldehyde
Sporicidin Sterilizing Solution can disinfect your instruments with less glutaraldehyde. The high-level disinfectant contains only 1% glutaraldehyde, the least of any FDA-cleared sterilant. The solution contains a phenol/ phenate buffer, which, according to the company, enhances the effectiveness of the glutaraldehyde. It can still high-level disinfect instruments and equipment in 20 minutes. It also can be re-used for up to 14 days. And because it contains less glutaraldehyde, it is safer for your instruments, equipment and staff. A case of 16 quarts of Sporicidin Sterilizing Solution lists for $119.84. A case of four gallons lists for $99.96.

Sporicidin International

An affordable C-arm table
Biodex's Fixed Height Surgical C-Arm Table is a versatile, low-cost imaging table. The carbon-fiber tabletop offers a large radiolucent area - 75-inches long by 24-inches wide. And because the table has no cross beams between its two C-shaped supports, you get full head-to-toe fluoroscopic imaging of any size patient in any position. The C-arm table rolls on four locking casters, and it can hold a 500-pound patient. It lists for $5,995.


A solution to blood pressure contamination
Protect your patients from potential cross contamination with Bowen Medical's Cuff - Guard, a protective cover for blood pressure cuffs. The Cuff - Guard's impervious plastic coating provides a safe latex-free, bacterial barrier. The Cuff Guard attaches to any cuff in less than 30 seconds and is wiped clean after each use. Adult cuffs start at $1.10 each and can be purchased in packs of 20 or cases of 120.

Bowen Medical

Lighter, brighter scope
Fujinon's System 2200 G-5 video endoscopes offer the lightest control section of any scope and its 150-watt xenon lamp provides three times more brightness than the previous halogen model. The scope was also designed to be more ergonomic: The air, water and suction buttons are positioned to minimize finger travel and increase efficiency. The scope is available in a variety of models. The EPX-2200 Digital Video Processor with 150W Xenon Light Source costs $17,500.

Fujinon, Inc.

Customized supply storage
Keep your surgical supplies organized with the StorageWall System from Lista International. You can mix and match from a variety of different-sized shelves and drawers to create custom storage. Each drawer and rollout tray can hold up to 440 pounds. Reinforced drawers and shelves can accommodate up to 1,500 pounds. Counter space and bookshelves are also an option. And because the system is modular, you can make changes or additions at any time. Prices vary

Lista International Corporation