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Product News
Better Endoscopy Imaging?
Kristin Royer
Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

A new endoscopic camera is said to produce excellent image quality and reduced artifacts. Smith & Nephew says progressive-scan technology provides images like those on high-resolution televisions. While traditional interlaced video uses two visual fields, progressive-scan camera systems read and display images in one frame. The system's autoclave and non-autoclave options include interlaced-compatible cameras and control units for arthroscopic, laparoscopic, cystoscopic and other endoscopic procedures. It's compatible with many endoscopes and the new Smith & Nephew 640 Image Management System, a surgical documentation tool that stores, accesses and distributes intra-operative reports, digital video clips and still images. The company did not give prices.

Smith & Nephew
(800) 343-5717

Notice Glove Punctures
About 60 percent of glove perforations in single gloves go unnoticed, exposing staff and surgeons to bloodborne pathogens, says Regent Medical. Know immediately if gloves have been perforated with Regent's Biogel Visible Protection puncture-indication system; wear the colored Biogel Indicator Underglove, in powder-free latex or non-latex, with any Biogel latex outer glove for a puncture-indication system that alerts the wearer of a glove breach with a dark patch if fluid penetrates the outer glove. Regent did not give prices.

Regent Medical
(800) 843-8497

One Laser for Multiple Specialties
The Sphinx Holmium laser delivers short laser pulses at peak power for removing hard tissue and long pulses for cutting soft tissue, says its maker, Allmed. Applic-ations include general surgery, urology, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, ENT and spine. According to Allmed, you can save up to 50 settings for individual applications; it comes with several pre-programmed settings. The settings are displayed with colored bars for easy viewing and interpretation, the company says. The mobile laser has large running wheels and independent wheel suspension for easy maneuvering. Four upgradeable power levels (25, 45, 60, 80) are available. The lasers cost from $65,000 to $125,000.

Allmed Systems
(925) 468-0433
[email protected]

A New ASC Software Package
Surgery centers looking for an enterprise-wide software package have a new option: SurgeOn from Experior Corp. Some models are redesigned from the Camberley program, which the firm recently bought, but the rest are new, the company says. The billing and accounts receivable aspects are said to be particularly streamlined. Experior says the program is especially easy to tailor to your policies and procedures. You buy only the functions you need, including scheduling, registration, inventory, preference cards, case costing, clinical data tracking, billing and collections. Around-the-clock support is available. No price was provided.

Experior Corp.
(800) 595-2020

Low-temperature, Low-cost Sterilizer
You may be able to sterilize flexible endoscopes and other heat-sensitive items for about 10 cents a cycle with the Skytron/TSO3 125L Ozone Sterilizer. The sterilizer uses oxygen, electricity and a little water in a natural process to manufacture ozone, the company says. According to the company, the process is environmentally friendly and produces no toxic residuals. There's no needed to vent vapors, and it requires only medical-grade O2. Cycle times last about four hours, and the chamber is 4.3 cubic feet. It lists for $130,000.

(800) SKY-TRON
[email protected]

Bemis's Liquid-waste Disposal System
You may be able to safely and easily dispose of liquid infectious waste with Bemis's Quick-Drain System, a confined system that drains liquid waste into a sanitary sewer. Place either Bemis rigid Hi-Flow Canisters or Bemis Quick-Fit Liners in the unit and lock the swing arm. Locking the drainhead on the canister cover forms a leak-proof seal, Bemis says. After the liquid drains, the unit's rinse feature sprays water into the liner or canister to clean remaining blood or fluid. Bemis says the unit reduces red-bag waste and eliminates the per-use costs of solidifiers. Quick-Drain connects to existing plumbing and needs wall space about 36 inches wide, 60 inches high and 15 inches deep and no electricity. Bemis did not give a price.

Bemis Manufacturing Company
(800) 558-7651

Help for High Supply Costs?
You may be able to control supply costs better with Presource, a new service from Cardinal Health. For no charge, Cardinal professionals will now help you identify inefficiencies in your current packs and take advantage of the company's Procedure Based Delivery System program. The program involves standardizing all the necessary components to perform a procedure from patient arrival until discharge and consolidating all the supplies into one module. A module may include admission kit, IV-start kit, anesthesia kit, OR set-up kit, fluid-collection kit, custom sterile-procedure kit and clean-up/waste-disposal kit. The company also has a new online program called PackManager that lets you evaluate and re-evaluate pack options.

Cardinal Health
(800) 964-5227

Easy-to-insert Eye Instrument
The Bohigian 19g Anterior Chamber Maintainer with Handpiece has a 35-degree beveled distal tip, which may make it easier to insert into a paracentesis. The instrument also provides ample flow when performing a bi-manual procedure. The company declined to give pricing.

Rhein Medical
(800) 637-4346