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Product News
A Kinder, Gentler Trocar?
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Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

A new trocar claims to make minimally invasive surgery even less so. The ADAPt trocar, made by Taut, Inc., features an asymmetrical dilating tip that is said to divide rather than cut fascial fibers. The surgeon rotates the tip at low insertion pressure; it dissects through each fascial layer and the peritoneum. The result is a small, slit-like defect, the company says. You can use the port to do intracorporeal suturing, pass needle drivers, insert hernia mesh, remove hooked or curved instruments, retrieve specimens, place drains and do flexible endoscopy. The devices cost an average of $48 a piece.

Taut, Inc.

Wireless Headlight Said to be Especially Bright
Surgeons may gain increased comfort and mobility with the Halo, billed as the first high-intensity cordless headlight. The Halo is made of two ultra-bright LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, fitted onto a lightweight headband and powered with rechargeable batteries. LEDs are solid-state semiconductors that release electrical energy in the form of light without generating heat. According to the company, the newest LEDs deliver high luminosity with little energy, providing a higher level of brightness than most fiber-optic headlights and true color rendition of patient tissue. The headlight weighs 16 ounces with batteries. The company declined to give price information.

Visiled, Inc.

Vital-Signs Documentation Made Easier
A new monitor uses time-tested supermarket technology to make medical-record keeping easier and more accurate. The Press-Mate Prodigy Portable Vital Signs Monitor with Patient ID Bar Code scanner (which plugs into the RS232 port) lets you scan patients' clinical ID bracelets and download clinical information to the monitor. Each time you take vital signs, the monitor adds it to the patient's record for easy retrieval on the LCD screen or printed out. The barcode scanner is a gun-like device, stored in a holster on the monitor's stand. The monitors list for $2,995 to $5,395; the scanner lists for $495.

Colin Medical

An Instrument That Does it All
Laparoscopic surgeons can grasp, dissect and do bipolar cutting and coagulation without changing instruments with the Richard Wolf PowerBlade, the company says. Its features include finger-activated trigger, 8-mm jaw aperture, coated bipolar cutting blade and fiber-reinforced cannula available in 31- and 43-cm lengths. According to the company, the instrument's bipolar generator measures tissue impedance and adjusts the power to optimize performance. Boxes of five individually packed sterile, disposable instruments cost between $1,125 and $1,250. The digital bipolar generator lists for $3,995.

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments, Corp.

Suction May Make ICL Positioning Easier
Surgeons may be able to position the new Staar ICLs more exactly and avoid inducing cataract with the Brown ICL Suction Manipulator. The instrument's distal end has a small platform through which suction is applied to lift and position the ICL. When minimal suction is applied, the distal cup securely grasps the anterior surface of the implant without the need for posterior pressure. The instrument is autoclaveable, guaranteed for life, and available for a free evaluation. The company would not give price information.

Rhein Medical

Two New Tools to Care for Surgical Instruments
Two new products may help you take better care of instruments. Hemaway Enzymatic Foam makes cleaning easier and prevents corrosion, its maker, Instrument Specialists, says. It contains enzymes that break down bio-matter to reduce scrubbing later. The product is biodegradable and non-corrosive, and safe for use on metals, plastic and rubber. Eight-ounce bottles cost $57. Instra-Glide Target lubricates sticky pivot points, hinges, box joints and other moving parts. The penetration straw allows the non-silicone lubricant to be placed where it is needed, the company says. It is said to be safe for use on plastics and painted surfaces. It can also be used on carts, hinges and other equipment with moving parts. Gallon jugs cost $20 each or $72 for a case of four. Free samples of each are available; contact ISI.

Instrument Specialists, Inc.

Safety Precaution For Your MRI Suite
If you manage an MRI suite in addition to your surgical facility, you may be interested in the NovaLite Magnetic Resonance Compatible Fiber Optic Laryngoscope. Traditional laryngoscope batteries can malfunction in the MRI room because magnetism discharges batteries. The NovaLite device is made from low-magnetic signature materials and is powered by a 3.9-volt C lithium battery, which delivers up to 10 hours of high-intensity light. NovaLite MR-Compatible Fiber Optic Blades are available in a complete range of styles and sizes (Macintosh, Miller and Wisconsin). The company did not give pricing information.


Use Both Hands for Needle Insertion
Anesthesia professionals may be able to cannulate arteries more easily and efficiently with the PunctSURE ultrasonic vascular access imaging system. The unique claim of PunctSURE is that it is hands-free; once the clinician attaches the device to the patient's skin and completes set up, he can use both hands to cannulate a vessel. The PunctSURE System costs $14,000. Sterile, disposable procedure kits contain all the necessary components to complete a procedure.

Inceptio Medical Technologies

Multi-Specialty Microscope
For a surgical microscope your neuro, ENT and spine surgeons agree on, try the Leica M520 MS3. Leica says the microscope offers improved optical performance and advanced features:

  • an optics carrier with motorized tilt and X/Y inclination;
  • more inclination and tilt angles;
  • handles that can release three or all six electromagnetic brakes, the zoom and the focus;
  • full functionality with the foot pedal; and
  • smart autofocus and remote-control X/Y moves.

Displays non-correlated videos and diagnostic and intra-op data (correlated IGS overlays, CTs, MRIs and monitoring data) with the Leica DI C500 digital imaging system. No price was given.

Leica Microsystems

Knives for Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery
The Sharpoint Sub-2mm series of ophthalmic knives is the first full offering of incision products for micro-incision cataract surgery. The company says its proprietary Infin-ite Edge Technology means using the Sub-2mm knives results in consistent wound precision. The series is offered in Clear Corneal designs of 1.3mm and 1.6mm maximum widths; the tapered facets make incisions of superior self-sealing wound architecture. The ClearTrap Sub-2mm knives feature a patented line indicator for precise wound dimensions. Sizes include 1.5mm by 1.7mm, 1.5mm by 2.0mm and 1.7mm by 2.0mm. The Sub-2mm's Sharpoint Clear-Port paracentesis knives come in 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.1mm sizes. The company did not give prices.

Surgical Specialties, Corp.

Convenient Fluid Control
For a cost-effective fluid-control product for the surgical setting, under the scrub sink or wherever fluids collect, consider the DriFloor Absorbent Pad. Its impervious, non-slip backing keeps the floor dry underneath the pad, protecting healthcare workers from slips and falls. It also reduces clean-up time and turnover of the OR suite and is more hygienic and cost efficient than using towels or blankets that have to be laundered. According to the company, the product is easy and convenient to use, can absorb up to 3 liters of fluid and weighs less than 8 pounds fully saturated. The DriFloor Pad is available in two sizes - 33-in. by 40-in. pad or 33-in. by 100-ft. roll. The company did not give pricing information.

Sandel Medical Industries, L.L.C.

Stronger Sterilization Pouches
Reduce the incidence of instrument sterilization pouch tears and punctures with the Steriking line of sterilization pouches. Steriking pouches are the only pouches manufactured with a five-ply laminate film combined with 70-gram paper. Multiple Chevron Bar seals promote clean opening without fiber tear and reduce the chance of puncture seals. Convenient thumb notches provide a sure grip and easy opening. All Steriking pouches include steam and gas sterilization indicators. Healthmark offers a complete line of Steriking products, including heat seal, self-seal, rolls and gussetted style in dozens of sizes. Pouches start at less than 3 cents each.

Healthmark Industries