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Product News
Speed Healing with Cold Therapy
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Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

You might be able to help incisions heal faster and with less pain thanks to Electric-Cool II localized cold therapy system. According to the company, cold therapy can reduce edema, accelerate the healing of damaged tissue and promote blood coagulation. To use, you simply plug the unit in, turn on the power and select one of three desired levels of therapy. The Electri-Cool II notifies you when the unit needs to be refilled with water. Other features include audible and visual alarms for patient safety and light weight; the Electri-Cool II is 45 percent lighter and smaller than the original. The system also offers a variety of application-specific pads and wraps. The company did not give prices.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products
(800) 989-7373

A Comprehensive Service Agreement
You might be able to avoid downtime due to equipment problems with DraegerService. By performing regular inspections, the company says it can help prevent costly repairs and minimize downtime. Tests include emergency breathing valve functions, verifying gas-delivery accuracy and measurement, and checking for leaks of anesthetic gas to protect you from environmental risk. More than 1,300 manufacturer-trained service engineers are available to repair equipment, ensuring field and remote services are quick and accurate, the company says. The cost is included in the equipment price.

Draeger Medical
(800) 543-5047

Multi-purpose Stretcher
For an all-in-one patient transport, consider NK Medical Products' model MM110 Multi-purpose Hydraulic Stretcher. The stretcher has a dual pedestal, which allows for better maneuverability and security, says the company. Other features including a retractable fifth wheel for easy traction and cornering; collapsible, retractable side rails with full-length bumpers; push handles; and a permanent IV pole. The stretcher's platform is radiotransparent, making it compatible with most C-arms. The stretcher lists for $5,465, which includes the pads.

NK Medical Products
(800) 274-2742

Safer Blocks for Eye Surgery
The Gillum Retrobulbar Guide device assists in the controlled placement of either retrobulbar or peribulbar needles for squirming patients who require a block, according to the manufacturer. Hold the device with one hand and insert the needle through its tube with the other. The Gillum Retrobulbar Guide is reusable, autoclavable and available with a complimentary videotape upon request. You can also try the device for 30 days with no obligation. The company declined to provide pricing.

Rhein Medical
(800) 637-4346

A More Accurate Trainer?
The Portable Laparoscopic Trainer may now simulate laparoscopic surgery with greater reality thanks to the Camera Stick. The Camera Stick can be manipulated like a scope to closely follow your instruments in the practice area. According to the company, it provides a wide range of motions that more closely simulate an endoscope. You can plug it into any 3-D Portable Laparoscopic Trainer or any video source that will accept the NTSC signal and a RCA jack. It requires standard AC power.

The Portable Laparoscopic Trainer has also been updated to include seven instrument portals. The video camera mounted inside transmits the image to the 10-inch color LCD flat-panel monitor. And its compact size and light weight enhance portability. The Trainer costs $1,499 plus shipping and handling; the Camera Stick is $345 plus shipping and handling.

3-D Technical Services
(937) 746-2901

Automate Your Endoscopy Center
Freestanding endoscopy centers maybe able to automate many administrative activities with IntelliPATH software. The software lets you prepare detailed, automated endoscopy reports postprocedure, eliminating time-intensive, costly transcription and manual charting, the company says. The system also integrates pathology management and reporting. Your pathology results can be electronically transmitted from Pathology Partners' laboratory to the IntelliPATH system. IntelliPATH can be integrated with GMed's GCare office-based electronic medical records system, meaning that your center and the physician who using it will access just one database, which reduces redundant entry of information. The company did not give prices.

Pathology Partners
(214) 277-8700

End Ripped Wrap?
Protect your wrapped trays from ripping with Tearguard. Its solid plastic barrier protects trays from the sharp edges and bumps of wire shelves. According to the company, the sturdy polyethylene plastic can be cleaned with disinfecting solutions and is cart-washer safe. Tearguard is manufactured to fit most popular shelving sizes. Prices range from $35.59 for the smallest size, 18 inches by 24 inches, up to $67.62 for the largest, 24 inches by 72 inches.

Healthmark Industries
(800) 521-6224

Safer Syringe
For a safe, easy-to-use hypodermic needle, consider the Futura Safety Syringe. According to the company, the patented, state-of-the-art needle-retraction design requires little change to injection technique and virtually eliminates exposure time. When the plunger is fully depressed, the needle is automatically retracted into the syringe, where it is harbored for transport and disposal. The syringe complies with needle safety regulations and guidelines and is sterile, non-toxic and latex free, the company says. The syringes list for 30 cents each.

(800) 818-8877