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Product News
A Replacement for Wydase
Kristin Royer
Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

The hyaluronidase drought might be over. Although Wydase has been discontinued, Vitrase, a highly purified, preservative-free ovine hyaluronidase, recently won FDA approval. Hyaluronidase facilitates dispersion and absorption of other drugs; it is particularly useful for retrobulbar blocks in ophthalmic surgery and in many kinds of plastic surgery. The drug works by temporarily loosening the "cement" between cells, promoting diffusion of injected fluids, says Vitrase maker ISTA Pharmaceuticals. This approval removes hyaluronidase from the FDA's drug shortage list, which it's been on since 2001. The company did not give price information.

ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
(877) 4Vitrase

A Keyboard You Can Disinfect

You might be able to reduce the spread of contaminants via your keyboard with the SlimKey-MD. Its sealed, industrial silicone rubber pad can be sprayed or wiped down with any hospital disinfectant. According to the company, the SlimKey-MD's ultra-thin and compact design (less than 1 inch in height) makes it an excellent space-saver. In addition, the unit features a built-in HulaPoint device, eliminating the need for an external mouse. The SlimKey-MD also offers the convenience of backlit keys. The company says its low-profile keys are particularly easy to wipe between uses, and the keyboard's elastomeric pad makes the SlimKey-MD virtually silent to type on. The company did not give prices.

(800) 866-6506

This Autoclavable Camera Claims Sharper Imaging
You might get better clarity and resolution with Linvatec's IM3300 progressive scan, autoclavable camera. According to the company, the enhanced definition progressive scan produces sharper images on LCD or plasma screens than traditional analog signals. The camera system has outputs for DVI, SDI, RGBS and S-Video. The company says the camera head is lighter, smaller, and more ergonomic and light sensitive than older versions. From the sterile field, surgeons can operate almost all camera functions with the push of a button. Linvatec now offers a companion 300 Watt Xenon Light Source and a Multi-Specialty Cart line. The camera controller lists for $14,000, the head is $10,000.

(800) 237-0169

A More Powerful Hand Sanitizer?
Mada claims its new MadaGel instant hand sanitizer is twice as powerful as competitive products. It contains two active ingredients: 0.5% triclosan and 62% ethyl alcohol. Enriched with moisturizers and a barrier protectant, the product does not dry out your hands and, according to the company, the gel works with your skin's natural emollients to keep your hands soft. It's also compatible with latex gloves. List price for a 16-ounce bottle is about $11.50; a 4-ounce bottle is about $4.

(800) 526-6370

A Cool Procedure Light
You may not have to sacrifice bright light in order to get comfort, thanks to the Lustre Star. Its light reflector keeps heat to a minimum, while giving off more than 3,000 foot candles of light intensity, the company says. According to the company, Lustre Star is also flexible; it can easily be adjusted with an extension arm and can be positioned very close to the task without projecting heat. The Lustre Star is available in caster, direct-mount and wall models, and starts at $600.

(800) 445-7869

Test the Sharpness of Your Scissors
Do your scissors cut as well as they should? Test them with Spectrum's scissors-testing material. It's available in two styles. The red material is designed for testing standard scissors that measure 4.5 inches and longer. A thinner yellow material is available for testing scissors measuring 4.25 inches and shorter. To test scissors for sharpness, make several complete cuts through the material, cutting all the way to the distal tip. If the scissors cut cleanly through the paper without leaving jagged edges, you know they are sharp. The product is made from latex and is available in 18-foot rolls. Spectrum offers sharpening services for all makes and models of scissors. The price is $16 per roll.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments
(800) 444-5644

Case Carts Said to Be Secure and Easy to Open
Get quick and easy entry to critical supplies with the electronic keyless entry feature on procedure carts from Herman Miller. The electronic lock features keyless entry for up to 89 users and allows programming by up to 11 supervisors. If the cart has been left opened, a programmable, time-delay alarm signals. Other features include low-battery alert, emergency overrides and tamper lock-down. Customizing is available, the company says. Carts range in price from $1,000 to $1,500.

Herman Miller
(800) 628-0058

On-Q Now on Contract
If you are a Consorta member, you can now purchase ON-Q PainBuster, a surgical-site pain-relief system, on contract. The multi-year agreement applies to more than 400 acute care and 42 ambulatory surgery centers, the company says. ON-Q PainBuster consists of a small balloon pump that holds a local anesthetic and delivers it through a tiny, specially designed catheter directly into the surgical site. The proprietary ON-Q Soaker Catheter is designed to provide more even distribution of local anesthetic over a wider area, as compared to a fenestrated catheter. The company did not give prices.

(800) 448-3569