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Product News
Another Way to Prevent OR Fires?
Kristin Royer
Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

You may be able to reduce the risk of surgical fires in local anesthesia and conscious sedation cases by using Paragon Service's PS8000 SmartBlend oxygen/air blender, says the company. During cases in which the delivery of 100 percent oxygen is not necessary or desired, set the Smartblend to deliver 21 percent to 100 percent oxygen and the desired LPM flow. Delivering less open oxygen means you decrease the risk of oxygen-enriched surgical fires, says the company. The PS8000 lists for $2,395; quantity discounts are available.

Paragon Service
(800) 448-0814

Kinder, Gentler Lithotripsy?
Urologic surgeons may be able to perform intracorporeal laser lithotripsy more safely with the FREDDY (FREquency-Doubled Dual pulse Nd:Yag) Laser. Its maker, World of Medicine, says the device's double-pulse technology disintegrates stones in the urinary tract and bile duct while limiting thermal stress to tissue. Unlike some other intracorporeal technologies, the laser works for treatments in the entire urinary tract, from the bladder to the renal calyx, the company says. The company did not give a price.

World of Medicine USA, Inc.
(407) 438-8810

A Maneuverable Surgical Light
Medical Illumination's new Orbital Series lights rotate 360 degrees, allowing surgeons to see more tissue more clearly, the company says. The lights include the traditional System One's four-stage electronic dimming, adjustable pattern size and auto bulb switchover in case of primary bulb failure. The Orbital series is available in solo-, duo- and trio-head ceiling-mount models. Solo models start at $4,360, and duo models (pictured) start at $8,320.

Medical Illumination International, Inc.
(800) 831-1222

A New Option for BCI Monitors
If you own a BCI Advisor Vital Signs Monitor, you now have a new option: sidestream capnography, which comes in two versions. Standard pneumatics works best for short-term use and low-humidity environments, while advanced pneumatics works best for for high humidity or long-term continuous monitoring applications, according to BCI. Other options include five-lead ECG, two-channel IP, two-channel temperature, a printer and rechargeable battery. Three-lead ECG, respiration, NIBP and SpO2 come standard. The company did not give a price.

BCI, Inc.
(800) 558-2345

A Do-it-all Chopper
A new instrument from Rhein Medical may help consolidate cataract surgery kits. The company's combination horizontal and vertical choppers feature two tips for chopping hard and soft nuclei. Surgeons can chop hard nuclei with the pointed "pick" tip or use the converging underside bevels directed toward the shaft for horizontal chopping of softer nuclei, the company says. The instruments are available in a straight shaft or Nichamin shaft, in either irrigating or non-irrigating. The company did not give prices.

Rhein Medical
(800) 637-4346

A Stronger Surgical Gown?
DuPont's Suprel fabric makes Medline's new single-use Aurora gown especially strong and comfortable, the company says. Medline says it asked 2,300 nurses to try the gown; of those who expressed a preference, nearly all preferred Suprel to the fabric they use. Six reasons were most often cited for their preference of the Suprel fabric: softness, light weight, "feels good," "moves with you," coolness and comfort. The company did not give prices.


A Better Cervical Speculum?
The Patton Speculum may improve surgeons' visualization of the cervix. It has four blades instead of two and expands conically rather than side to side. A pistol grip with silent ratchet lock lets the surgeon operate it with one hand, the company says. The optional Smoke Blade attachment evacuates smoke during the procedure. The instrument is autoclavable and comes in small, medium and large sizes. It starts at $129.

Patton Surgical
(512) 329-0469

Handle Handpieces with Care
You may be able to prevent cleaning agents and water from damaging power handpieces with the Spectrum T-Handle. You remove the airhose and attach the T-Handle to the handpiece, preventing the detergent and water from damaging the internal components. And because it attaches like a hose, it is simple to use, says the company. The device costs less than $200.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments, Corp.
(800) 444-5644