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Product News
A Less Invasive Birth Control Procedure
Kristin Royer
Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

Essure, a new permanent birth control procedure, is done with local anesthesia via hysteroscopy instead of open or laparoscopically. The surgeon inserts a polyester and metal implant in the fallopian tubes. Over the next three months, a tissue barrier develops, preventing sperm from reaching eggs. The company says the procedure takes about 35 minutes plus 45 minutes of recovery time. Company data shows the procedure is 99.8% effective in preventing pregnancy after two years in patients with successful bilateral placement (which fails in about one in 10 patients). The procedure, which can be done in an ASC or office, has been granted temporary HCPCS code S2255. Supplies are $980 per case.

(877) ESSURE 2

Are Your Surgical Instruments Clean?
A new device may help verify that surgical instruments and surfaces are clean. The Prochek protein swab test measures residual protein, a component of bioburden. Significant traces of protein indicate an unclean surface and a potential source of cross-contamination. To use the Prochek, hydrate the tip of the device and swipe the surface of the item you want to test. If the test pad remains completely yellow, the surface is clean. If any area of the pad turns green or blue, the surface harbors protein residue and should be cleaned more thoroughly. The tests cost $4.95 apiece.

Healthmark Industries
(800) 521-6224

Improved Varicose Vein Removal System
Removal of diseased veins may be more convenient with a new version of the Trivex System. It uses a technique called transilluminated-powered phlebectomy, which works like a flashlight under the skin. The surgeon can see, target and remove varicose veins, then visually confirm the removal. The system now also includes a precision-controlled surgical pump for consistent delivery of an anesthetic solution. The company says the improved foot switches and hand controls are more user-friendly and ergonomic. Made of lightweight materials, Trivex costs around $39,000.

Smith & Nephew
(925) 468-0433

Need More Supply Storage?
You may be able to double your supply storage with Spacesaver's new SurgiCenter Storage System. According to the company, the mobile storage system provides twice the capacity of standard storage by eliminating aisles between the shelves. See-through Pexiglas end panels allow you to see the supplies so you can find what you are looking for. System interiors can include drawers, shelves or cabinets to store bottles, boxes or bins. SurgiCenter Storage is available on manual, mechanical assist and powered mobile systems. The company declined to give pricing.

(800) 492-3434

An IOL for High Myopes
A silicone intraocular lens is now available for highly myopic patients. The Clariflex with OptiEdge now comes in '10D to 5.5D in .50D increments. According to AMO, the manufacturer, the squared posterior edge provides 360-degree capsular contact; and its rounded anterior edge reduces internal reflections by scattering light, while the sloping edge minimizes the potential for edge glare. AMO says it will soon offer the extended low-diopter range in its acrylic Sensar with OptiEdge as well. The list price for low-diopter ClariFlex IOLs is $595.

Advanced Medical Optics
(714) 247-8200

Better Case Carts?
Transporting and accessing surgical supplies may be easier with Metro's Case Carts. The carts come in either high or low profile and according to the company, they have been improved inside and out. The shelves now pull out for easy access even at low levels, and they adjust at 2-inch increments along the height of the cart. The doors are made of double-paneled stainless steel, which the company says is easy to wash. The shelves and brackets also remove quickly for washing, and "weep holes" at the cart's front corners and underside of the door panels are said to facilitate draining and drying. The carts range from $2,200 to $2,900.

InterMetro Industries
(800) 4332232

More Comfortable Capsulorrhexis Forceps
Eye surgeons may find the new Rhein Tubular Capsulorrhexis Forceps especially comfortable to use. The forceps have a curved shaft, which the company says provides a more comfortable approach to the incision site. The instrument's jaws have cystotome tips for pinching and completing the circular tear, and they are shorter so they will not interfere with a sub-incisional flap, says the company. The tube is 23-gauge, allowing it to pass through a 1-millimeter incision. The handle is made of lightweight titanium. The instrument is autoclaveable, guaranteed for life, and available for a 30-day surgical evaluation without obligation. The company did not give price information.

Rhein Medical
(800) 637-4346

Document Your Instrument Repairs
You may be able to reduce instrument repairs through education and documentation with Spectra-scan from Spectrum Surgical. Spectrum now makes digital 250x photos of your instruments before and after repair; the magnification shows defects like micro cracks, missing teeth, pitting and bioburden. The company then e-mails the images or sends them to you on CD; you can use the photos to help train your reprocessing staff to detect and prevent such damage. The price is included in the repair cost.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments
(800) 444-5644