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A Better Hip Arthroscopy Set?
Marlene Brunswick
Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

A Better Hip Arthroscopy Set?
A new instrument set for hip arthroscopy is designed to make access to the hip joint easier and also speed the procedure by reducing the number of instruments used.

"One of the biggest challenges in hip arthroscopy has been providing surgeons with the right instruments to gain optimal access to the hip joint. The bony recesses of the hip make it extremely difficult to access with traditional arthroscopic instruments," says Victor M. Ilizaliturri, MD, a co-developer of Smith & Nephew's new Hip Access System. He is a surgeon at the Adult Joint Reconstructive Service Institute of Orthopedics at the national Rehabilitation Center of Mexico in Mexico City.

The system is comprised of only five instruments:

  • a hip director guide that pinpoints the insertion site for the anterior portal without the use of flouroscopy, saving the surgeon OR time and helping to reduce the number of attempts it takes to establish the position;
  • a cannulated switching stick , which provides access into the hip capsule;
  • a portal enlarger that enlarges the size of the arthroscopic portal;
  • a modular T-handle for advancing the switching stick and portal enlarger into the joint; and
  • a pistol-grip slotted cannula, which accommodates a wide variety of long and curved working instruments of different sizes and also lets the surgeon remove loose bodies from the joint.

Dr. Ilizaliturri says this last tool reduces the number of instruments needed for a procedure and makes it easier. "The surgeon doesn't have to keep asking the nurse for different diameter cannulas and different instruments," says Dr. Ilizaliturri.

Once the instrument is inserted, the surgeon removes the cannula, allowing a free range of motion within the joint and improving access to the anterior surgical portal, says Dr. Ilizaliturri.

J.W. Thomas Byrd, MD, of Nashville Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Nashville, Tenn., has found this feature to be the biggest benefit of the Hip Access System for his practice.

"You get more reliable positioning of instrumentation in the anterior portal," says Dr. Byrd, "whereas [with traditional instruments] it's very tough to position the spinal needle."

List price for the instrument set is $5,000. You can also buy the instruments individually.

Call Smith and Nephew at (800) 343-5717, visit www.smith-nephew.com or Circle 166 on your Reader Service Card.

Safer instrument handling
You may be able to soak, transport and retrieve contaminated instruments conviently and safely with the SST system, says the manufacturer. SST is a three-part container that includes a base tray, internal drain basket and splash-proof lid. Collect your soiled instruments and transport them to your decontamination area. Your staff removes the drain basket and its contents without having to handle the contaminated instruments. The system starts under $50. Call (800) 521-6224, visit www.hmark.com or Circle 167 on your Reader Service Card for more information.

Taking aim at wet packs
A closed-door HEPA-filtered drying system on the new Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10 fully automatic autoclaves is designed to help prevent wet packs and pouches while maintaining sterility. The autoclaves also feature a contemporary design with a new easier to read bright blue LED display panel. The EZ9 has a 9-inch chamber, and the EZ10 has 10-inch chamber. Both are backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty. The EZ9 lists for $4,880; the EZ10 lists for $5,520. Contact Tuttnauer USA for more information. Call (800) 624-5836, visit www.tuttnauer.com or Circle 168 on your Reader Service Card.

This microscope is head-mounted
Surgeons may enjoy the mobility they get with the Varioscope head-mounted microscope from Synovis. According to the company, the device offers high-end surgical microscope features, including variable magnification, autofocus, a sharp 3-D image, integrated coaxial light, a camera system and optional light source. There are two varieties of Varioscopes available - the Varioscope AF3 and the Varioscope M5. The M5 combines the traditional features of the AF3 with documentation features and improved illumination.'List price for the instrument is $39,900. Call (800) 510-3318, visit www.synovismicro.com or Circle 169 on your Reader Service Card for more information.

Keep all your MH supplies in one place
By keeping all your malignant hyperthermia (MH) supplies in one custom cart you may be able to respond to emergencies more quickly. At least that's the idea behind the Malignant Hyperthermia Cart from the Harloff Company. The cart, designed with the Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States (MHAUS), is said to offer convenient storage of all MH emergency supplies, including a refrigerator space for saline solution and cold packs. The cart is available in standard and deluxe models. The latter comes with additional IV-pole, foldout workspace and top-drawer dividers to keep supplies organized. The company declined to give pricing. Visit www.harloff.com, call (800) 433-4064 or Circle 170 on your Reader Service Card.