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Product News
Products for Cleaner Endoscopy
Marlene Brunswick
Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Product News

Micro-organisms and the other sometimes unpleasant byproducts of digestion and breathing are known for sometimes stubbornly clinging to flexible endoscopes and also permeating the environment of procedure rooms, making procedures unpleasant for staff and potentially dangerous for patients. A few relatively new, interesting products take aim at keeping your instruments and environment cleaner. Would any of these three products work in your facility?

Bioshield Disposable Biopsy Port
A new line of products aims to solve two problems with work-channel valves: Irrigating through them during the procedure, and cleaning them after. Most facilities do irrigation through a needle on a syringe, meaning that the volume of fluid will be low and creating the possibility of scratching the equipment with the needle, occasionally creating crevices that are harder to clean, says Robin Pressnell, RN, nurse manager at St. Luke's Hospital in Maumee, Ohio. She adds that the valves themselves are challenging to disinfect. "I am always worried that they aren't getting completely clean."

A new line of disposable products from U.S. Endoscopy, which Ms. Pressnell is now using in her facility, aims to solve both problems. The mainstay is the BioShield Biopsy Valve with Universal Irrigating Adaptor. This disposable valve allows you to pass instruments through the work channel, but you throw it away rather than disinfect it after the case. An attachment allows you to attach a luer-lock syringe so that you can squirt a relatively high volume of irrigating fluid through. You can also get the BioShield Biopsy Valve with Irrigation Line, which adds an irrigation line so that a tech can actually inject the fluid without having to attach the syringe to the scope body. Finally, there is the Universal Irrigating Adaptor, a blunt end adaptor that fits on the work valve and attaches to a luer-lock syringe to allow irrigation during the procedure (you must remove it if you wish to use the work channel for another purpose).

For more information, call (800) 769-8226 or visit www.usendoscopy.com.

EndoSheath System
Although actual infections are relatively rare, cross-contamination continues to be a problem in flexible endoscopy, and proper cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes remains a chronic challenge for health care facilities. You may be able to reprocess laryngoscopes, ENT scopes, cystoscopes, sigmoidoscopes and others in less time and more effectively with the company's EndoSheath System, distributed by Medtronic Xomed. The EndoSheath is a sterile, disposable sheath that provides a latex-free barrier between the endoscope and the patient. You simply slide the EndoSheath onto your scope before the procedure and remove it afterward.

There's one catch - depending on the type of endoscopy you are doing, the sheath may or may not work with your existing system. The ENT sheaths are compatible with at least some existing ENT scopes, but for gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, bronchoscopy and cystoscopy, the sheaths need to be used with specially designed Vision Sciences endoscopes to facilitate use of the air/water and work channels.

For more information, call (800) 874-9975 or visit www.visionsciences.com

Coloshield Colonoscopy Drape
One of the more unpleasant facts of colonoscopy is blowback caused by insufflation. You may be able to maintain a cleaner environment during colonoscopy procedures with the Coloshield Colonoscopy Drape from Medical Concepts Development. The Coloshield's main component consists of an opaque adhesive drape with a port in the middle and a collection bag on the patient side. You place the opaque adhesive drape over the patient, then insert the scope through a special disc with a self-sealing valve and a reservoir for lubrication. You place this disc on the port and then lock it into place. As the scope is inserted and withdrawn, it is constantly lubricated by the K-Y jelly that fills the disc, and bodily fluids are collected in the pouch.

For more information, call (800) 533-3974 or visit www.medconceptsdev.com.

Two gowns said to be especially comfortable
Two new gowns from Molnlycke are said to provide excellent comfort and protection. The Barrier Surgical Gown II features fabric that is at once highly repellent, soft, and breathable. Additionally, the material is durable; you can sterilize the gowns with ethylene oxide or irradiation. The Fluid Protection Plus gown, made from spun bond non-woven material laminated to a polymer film, is designed to protect healthcare workers from bloodborne pathogens, says the company. High-moisture vapor transmission makes the gown comfortable and cool, the company says, even during long and rigorous procedures. The company declined to give pricing.

You can get a free product trial by calling (800) 882-4582 and pressing option 2. For more information, visit www.molnlycke.net or Circle 164 on your Reader Service Card.

Laparoscopic surgery that feels more like open surgery
Laparoscopic surgeons may now enjoy both the vision quality and feel of open surgery during their minimally invasive procedures with EndoSite 3Di Digital Vision System, the company says. The patented Head Mounted Display delivers stereoscopic vision, which the company says enhances the surgeon's depth perception and allows him to look at the incision site rather than at a monitor. Infomatix, the system's digital information platform, allows voice-activated, in-screen presentation of images and information relevant to the patient's procedure, the company says. The system starts around $100,000.

For more information, call (858) 456-6608, visit www.vikingsystems.com or Circle 165 on your Reader Service Card.