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The Only Generic Equivalent to Dantrium IV
OSD Staff
Publish Date: January 18, 2008   |  Tags:   Product News

The Only Generic Equivalent to Dantrium IV
An economical choice for the management of MH from US WorldMeds.
Dantrolene sodium for injection in its branded form, Dantrium IV, has been a staple on crash carts for years, standing ready to help save a patient's life should an event of malignant hyperthermia (MH) occur. But it's just as likely to expire before an emergency requiring its use arises. At about $88 a vial, that translates into a significant amount of lost dollars for facilities. Now there's a generic choice that works every bit as well, says US WorldMeds, at a price that's much more appealing. Dantrolene sodium for injection costs about 20 percent less than Dantrium IV. The agent is indicated for patients of all ages for use pre-operatively and sometimes post-operatively to prevent or attune signs of MH in those who seem to be at risk. The exact price depends on a facility's contract with its GPO. For more information, call (502) 893-3235, visit www.usworldmeds.com or circle 167 on your Reader Service Card.

Pre-moistened wipes for infection control and prevention
When soap and water aren't available, these wet wipes by Professional Disposables International can effectively sanitize hands and surfaces to reduce the chance of transmitting infection. The products in this line include:

  • Sani-Dex antimicrobial alcohol hand wipes (pictured), which the manufacturer says are clinically proven to kill 99.99 percent of germs;
  • Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes, which offer the fastest EPA-approved "kill claim," less than two minutes for MRSA, E. coli, VRE and other microorganisms; and
  • germicidal disposable cloths with a low alcohol formula to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces.

Pricing depends on a facility's contract with its distributor or wholesaler. For more information, call (845) 365-1700, visit www.pdipdi.com or circle 168 on your Reader Service Card.

A versatile surgical table
With an ergonomic, six-section tabletop that includes motorized back and leg sections as well as a finite adjustment headrest for patient posturing, the Surgimax General Surgical Table is designed to do everything ambulatory surgery or outpatient care professionals demand, says Steris Corp. The Surgimax table is applicable for all diagnostic and surgical procedures, including spinal, ENT, ophthalmic, gastrointestinal, bariatric, endoscopic, arthroscopic, rectal, obstetric and gynecologic, orthopedic and general pain management procedures. It has the low height demanded by today's minimally invasive procedures, provides full body C-arm access and can support up to 600 pounds. The list price for the Surgimax is $38,500. For more information, call (800) JIT-4-USE, visit www.steris.com or circle 169 on your Reader Service Card.

Stackable arm support allows for more positioning options
Designed by a surgeon, the Singer Starr Stacker Arm Support System lets physicians position patients' arms on top of each other, perpendicularly to their body. This arrangement allows for superior airway and upper extremity access and can allow for safe and efficient lateral or semi-lateral positioning, says the company. It's also useful for laparoscopic procedures such as those that require transperitoneal or retroperitoneal approaches. The list price for this device is $1,215. For more information, call (800) SKYTRON, visit www.skytron.us or circle 170 on your Reader Service Card.

Pocket recorder always ready to take your dictation
Medical dictation could become much easier for physicians who don't like to waste time worrying about the features on their recorders. The Digital Pocket Memo 9370 from Royal Philips Electronics is designed to be simple to operate, can be configured to the user's preferences and has "smart buttons" for easy control of the latest recording technology. You can record voice files onto an exchangeable SD card, then e-mail or download them directly to a computer. Suggested retail price for the Digital Pocket Memo 9370 with a 256MB SD card, a travel pouch, alkaline batteries, a USB cable and SpeechExec Dictate software is $299. For more information, visit www.dictation.philips.com or circle 171 on your Reader Service Card.

Ophthalmic instrument tips let you protect the capsule from instruments with a gentle touch
The line of Soft I/A tips from Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments features a silicone covering with a flexible barrier between the aspiration source and the intraocular structures. This keeps the metallic port from contacting the capsule and thus possibly breaking the posterior capsules, says the company. The covering is also useful for gently scrubbing the capsular bag, removing cortex from the capsular fornices and manipulating an IOL in place during viscoelastic removal. The manufacturer declined to disclose the price. For more information, call (800) 338-2020, visit www.storz.com or circle 172 on your Reader Service Card.