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Product News
Hands-free airway maintenance, automated medication management, bariatric belts and more.
OSD Staff
Publish Date: May 7, 2011   |  Tags:   Product News

Jaw Elevation Device Offers Hands-Free MAC Airway Maintenance
Maintain an open airway on any sedated patient with JED, the Jaw Elevation Device manufactured by Hypnoz Therapeutic Devices and distributed by LMA North America. The device assists anesthesia providers in performing an optimal jaw thrust without additional instrumentation and without having to hold the jaw manually during monitored anesthesia care. The non-invasive device can be left in place during and after the procedure for hands-free open airway maintenance until sedation wears off. A JED Starter Kit comes with the foam head support and a 30-pack of disposable mandible cups; you can also purchase the JED headrest and mandible cups separately. $850 for Starter Kit; $250 for Headrest; $600 for 30-pack Mandible Cups "? www.lmana.com/jed.php

Keep Medication Secure and Automate Inventory Management
The Pyxis Anesthesia System provides anesthesia providers convenient access and traceability to OR medications, controlled substances and supplies. The secure system automatically documents stored and dispensed drugs. It combines both medication and supply inventory information, eliminating the need for manual documentation of dispensed medications in the OR. The system replaces traditional manually operated work carts and contains all typical anesthesia supplies and medications. The Pyxis also helps improve narcotics security with the inclusion of a BioID fingerprint or unique password identification system. An optional password re-verification is also available if the controlled substance drawer is not opened within a set period of time. www.carefusion.com/or

Turn Your iPad Into a Bacteria-Resistant Workstation
The iPad is quickly becoming a useful clinical tool, but typing on it can be clunky. The Silver Blue wireless keyboard brings keyboard access to the iPad in your OR. The sturdy keyboard is designed for the clinical environment, where keyboards can become repositories for bacteria. It's made of medical-grade silicone with a silver-based additive that resists the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi, says the company. The surface is easily cleaned and withstands exposure to blood, bleach and other strong surface disinfectants used in healthcare settings. Bluetooth v2.0 technology and a rechargeable battery with 100-day standby life are integrated into the keyboard, which folds into a black folio case. $89.99 "? www.sealshield.com

Less Invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery
The narrower, tapered design of MicroAire Surgical Instruments' SlimLine ECTR Cannula lets physicians perform endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery through a tiny incision in the wrist rather than with open-hand surgery and an incision in the palm. The cannula, a component of MicroAire's SmartRelease carpal tunnel system, is also compatible with its CTRS system. As in the company's original cannulas, the blade assembly is engineered to rise straight up rather than curve outward when the physician elevates it, ensuring the safety of the surrounding tissue. www.microaire.com

Keep Your Bariatric Patients Safe and Secure
AliMed's Bariatric Gait Belt is larger and stronger than standard gait belts and is designed specifically for the increasing bariatric population. Unlike standard belts, which are tested to 225 pounds only, the weight capacity of the Bariatric Gait Belt is 1,000 pounds — with the test strain on the buckle exceeding 1,200 pounds, says the company. The 96-inch belt is made from resilient, high-test plastic that easily accommodates any bariatric patient. It's easy to clean and sanitize — just wipe clean with facility cleaners and sanitizers. This press-button release, aircraft-rated buckle is fully adjustable, comes in yellow plastic and is fully sealed. $34 "? www.alimed.com

Can Positioning Pad Reduce Pressure Ulcers?
The LapWrap Positioning Pad from Innovative Medical Products secures patients' arms by their sides during surgery or imaging procedures. The easy-to-use, soft-foam pad protects the neurological structures of the elbow when keeping arms close to the body. It's ideal for laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, says the company. The hook-and-loop fasteners simply secure patients' arms while giving the anesthesia provider better viewing of leads, tubing and connections. The positioning pad also acts as a warming blanket, so you won't have to tuck draw sheets under the patient. The latex-free pad is manufactured for single use and is universally sized to accommodate any patient. www.impmedical.com