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Ideas That Work: On-Site Daycare
Offer Your Staff Free Babysitting
OSD Staff
Publish Date: March 31, 2015   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
babysitter CASE SAVER When schools and daycares are closed, offer free babysitting at your center.

Offer Your Staff Free Babysitting

When bad weather forces schools and daycares to close, our surgery center is also in danger of closing, because many of our staff members have no one to watch their children. A few years ago, we began offering free babysitting services at our surgery center so our staff can show up to work scheduled cases. A couple times per year, we gladly pay our clinical manager's 18-year-old daughter $10 an hour to come in and babysit 5 or so kids in our employee lounge. The kids usually bring their electronic devices, and we'll put cartoons on the TV and make sure there's plenty of crayons and coloring sheets. For the couple times a year when we do this, it really pays off as a convenience and courtesy to surgeons and patients.

Andrea Fann, RN
Orthopaedic South Surgical Center
Morrow, Ga.
[email protected]