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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: March 31, 2015   |  Tags:   Product News
TSO3's Sterizone VP4

Sterilize Big Loads at Low Temperatures
TSO3's Sterizone VP4 can handle mixed loads of up to 75 pounds, including both heat- and moisture-sensitive items. Its dual-sterilant process uses both hydrogen peroxide and ozone to achieve sterilization at low temperatures. The system senses both the size of the load and the type of instrumentation being sterilized, and automatically disperses the appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide, so it virtually eliminates the possibility of operator error. With its large capacity and 46-minute cycle time, it can dramatically reduce per-item sterilization costs, says the company.

Radiance Ultra

Surgical Display Monitor Has the Brightest LED Backlight
Radiance Ultra, NDS Surgical Imaging's new 27-inch monitor, has the brightest LED backlight in its class. The ultra-high level of brightness overcomes reflections and glare that occur in high ambient light environments and increases the usable contrast ratio, so surgeons can more easily visualize recessed anatomy, says NDS. Radiance Ultra uses the company's proprietary Medi-Match color calibration technology, which accurately renders tissue color and other anatomy. The monitor features a sealed edge-to-edge front panel incorporating Corning Gorilla Glass; proximity-sensitive menu buttons that illuminate when approached and when in use, then automatically dim; and an integrated rear cable cover that routes cables for easy management. With a slim design, the 27" Radiance Ultra can easily be installed in place of existing 26" models on boom arms or surgical carts.

Oasis's Premier Edge Safety Scalpels

Redesigned Scalpels Make Eye Surgery Safety a Snap
A redesigned thumb-slide on Oasis's Premier Edge Safety Scalpels makes the single-handed activation and retraction of their safety guards an easy, natural movement. The Premier Edge Safety line for ophthalmic surgery, available in thin line slit, stab incision, crescent and MVR blades, features a transparent guard that slides fully over the blade when it's not in use and fully retracts when it is, locking in place both times. The stainless steel micro blades, fixed to disposable plastic handles, are packaged in sterile blister packs and sold 6 to a box.