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Surgeons' Lounge: Hollywood Premiere
Increase Surgeon Attendance at Meetings
OSD Staff
Publish Date: March 31, 2015   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
staff-made video THRILLER' TEAMWORK Debuting a staff-made video entices surgeons to attend committee meetings.

Hollywood Premiere
Increase Surgeon Attendance at Meetings

Having trouble getting surgeons to attend your committee meetings? Faith LeBrun, RN, BSN, MBA, CAPA, the director of perioperative services at Lafayette (La.) General Health, did too, until she found a fun way to entice them. She turned meetings into her own little Hollywood video premiere. First, she invited staff members to make their own version of a popular music video. They were in charge of choosing the video and organizing it. As an incentive, they could also use the time they spent making it toward their clinical ladder points for professional development. Since Halloween was approaching, staff decided to create their own rendition of "Thriller" (complete with zombie doctors and Michael Jackson as a patient).

After they made the video, Ms. LeBrun mailed out invitations to surgeons' homes, promising a special surprise at the next meeting. Staff also talked up the event, telling the surgeons that it was worth their time to show up. Sure enough, that next meeting was a standing-room-only crowd. Staff and surgeons have kept the endeavor going and continue to make videos of popular songs to show at meetings. The project isn't only fun — it works, says Ms. LeBrun. "Our average of 6 surgeons showing up for committee meetings has increased to 30," she says.

— Kendal Gapinski