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Ideas That Work: Kid Stuff
A Special Pre-op Area for Children
Karen Sepulvado
Publish Date: December 1, 2015   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
place for younger patients FRIENDLY SURROUNDINGS Pre-op doesn't have to be a scary place for younger patients.

Kid Stuff
A Special Pre-op Area for Children

To keep our pediatric patients as content and anxiety-free as possible, we converted one of our pre-op spaces into a kind of nursery area, with a portable DVD player that plays kids' movies, a small table and chairs they can use for coloring and drawing, a couple of books and even a small tricycle. The moms really appreciate it and the kids love it. It keeps them calm before going to surgery. We've even had some ride the tricycle to the OR. Incidentally, we keep everything clean with disinfecting towelettes.

Karen Sepulvado, CPC
Pace (Fla.) Surgery Center
[email protected]