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Ideas That Work: Charitable Donations
Give Expired Supplies to Those In Need
OSD Staff
Publish Date: February 4, 2015   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
unused supplies REPURPOSE CAST OFFS Karen Lance, RN, from Mercy Surgery Center-Seminole gathers unused supplies from the center and donates them to various shelters and clinics she volunteers at.

Give Expired Supplies to Those In Need

Looking to keep excess waste out of landfills while helping those in need? Mark the expiration date on all of your OR turnover cleaning solutions with a black permanent marker. Gather up those that are outdated and donate them to local homeless shelters and clinics. You can also take them outdated surgical supplies, like alcohol swabs, bottles of foam sanitizer and Band-Aids. You can do the same for opened-but-unused supplies that you're not able to use in a timely fashion in the OR. We also have a surgery tech that takes surgical supplies that cannot be reprocessed to a vet that services a no-kill shelter.

Lynda Dowman-Simon, RN
Mercy Surgery Center-Seminole
Springfield, MO
[email protected]