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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: July 9, 2015   |  Tags:   Product News
Cactus Smart Sink

Securely Dispose of Pharmaceutical Waste
Are you still pouring partially administered and unused pharmaceuticals down the drain or in the waste bin? The Cactus Smart Sink is a wall-mounted, battery-powered, go-green technology that accepts raw pharmaceutical waste, including solids, liquids and patches. Each replaceable cartridge — one for liquid waste, one for solid waste — renders unused pharmaceuticals acutely unrecoverable and unusable, so discarded drugs don't end up in the wrong hands or pollute the environment. Its tamper-proof technology includes automatic alarms and secure locking systems. Easy to install to a wall, mobile cart or countertop.
$499 • cactusllc.net

Leg Positioning

Leg Positioning in Hip Surgery
For direct anterior hip replacement, treatment of femoral fractures and other procedures that require an anterior surgical approach to the hip, the IOT (Innovative Orthopedic Technologies) ARCH Leg Positioning System (LPS) provides superior femoral exposure and allows unobstructed intra-operative radiographic imaging to monitor component position and length measurements, says the company. This freestanding, mobile unit requires no attachment to OR tables. The arc-shaped track has incremental angle and traction control that provides measurable and repeatable leg placement and a secure hold. Allows for back-to-back surgeries, without the need for a second table.

paperless credentialing

Drowning in Credentialing Paperwork?
Tired of hounding surgeons for forms that are missing from their credentialing files? Then you might want to give paperless credentialing a try. Silversheet is a credentialing platform that digitizes documents, automates primary source verifications and even reminds physicians when their licenses or certifications are coming due (so you don't have to!). When their DEA license arrives in the mail, for example, doctors take a photo of it and with the click of a button upload it to Silversheet. In addition to gathering all the credentialing documents in one place and storing them securely in the cloud. Silversheet lets doctors share credentials with all the facilities they're affiliated with (even those not on Silversheet) so they don't have to fill out the same forms over and over.

Medication Safety

Metric Dispensers Improve Medication Safety
In keeping with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices' recommendation that healthcare facilities use dispensing devices with metric markings to eliminate confusion of dose amounts, Medi-Dose/EPS has introduced latex-free, metric-only oral medication dispensers available in 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-ml sizes. The dispensers come with light-resistant amber coatings and specially designed plungers and tips that allow for easier administration of oral or topical medications. The tips are incompatible with hypodermic needles to eliminate the possibility of administering medications intended for injection. In addition, the tip's low-capacity reservoir reduces the amount of leftover medication "stuck" in the dispenser, meaning virtually all of the intended dose will be given. An available wagon wheel cap creates a base for standing the dispensers on countertops or tables for easily handling.
$20 to $32 per case of 100 • medidose.com

Mesh Tip Protectors

Mesh Tip Protectors Protect Your Delicate Instruments
These lightweight yet durable single-use mesh tip protectors are suited for delicate instruments that require low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilization. The Mesh Style Tip Protectors have been validated for use in both Sterrad and V-PRO low-temperature non-steam sterilizers, says Healthmark Industries. Available in 2 styles: The open-ended tip protector is ideal for products like flexible endoscopes and the closed-ended option helps protect delicate tips on instruments such as rigid endoscopes. Both styles can expand due to their mesh material design and accommodate a wide range of sizes and configurations.
Sold in packages of 100 • hmark.com/meshtips.php

3D Virtual Surgical Training

3D Virtual Surgical Training
3D Systems' training modules and simulators will help your doctors hone their skills. The new technologies include the RobotiX Mentor robotic surgery simulator and a GI Endoscopy-Fundamental Skills Module. The RobotiX Mentor is the first of its kind and lets surgeons practice everything from basic skills, such as suturing, to full robotic procedures, says 3DS. The GI Endoscopy-Fundamental Skills module — to be released later this year for 3 of the company's simulation platforms — lets doctors perfect their navigation, retroflexion and loop reduction techniques. 3D Systems says it can customize these tools for patient-specific pre-op planning.