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Ideas That Work: A Nice Warm Bed
Pre-Warm Your Beds
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 4, 2015   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
warming sheet on bed HOT AIR Undo the sheet at the head of the bed, then tuck the warming hose in for a few minutes.

A Nice Warm Bed
Pre-Warm Your Beds

We take patient warming a step further by pre-warming the bed itself before the patient arrives in the room. As we're setting up the room, we tuck the hose of the forced-air warming unit under the disposable, plastic-lined bed sheets at the head of the table to pre-warm it. Once the patient is on the table, we put the warming blanket on the patient and attach the hose as normal.

Stacey Olsen, RN, BSN
Ireland Grove Center for Surgery
Bloomington, Ill.
[email protected]