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Publish Date: June 4, 2015   |  Tags:   Product News
Total Knee Arthroplasty Leg Holder

Total Knee Arthroplasty Leg Holder
Position patients during a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) with the kneeGRIP Matrix Surgical Positioning Device from SunMedica. The knob at the base of the boot fits into any of the 2 rows of conical holes within the plate. This lets surgeons quickly and easily move the boot into different positions to achieve the desired amount of knee flexion without the need for levers, hinges or other mechanical devices. Comes with disposable memory foam pads that are placed within the boot to cradle the lower leg and foot.

Fluid-Repellent Scrubs

Fluid-Repellent Scrubs
Protect your surgeons and staff from splash and splatter exposures with scrubs made with Vestex active barrier textile technology. Unlike regular scrubs, Vestex garments are engineered to repel fluids, which bead up and literally run right off of the fabric. The scrubs are made with tightly woven, 100% polyester to limit lint shedding and wicking WarpDry technology to ensure breathability and wearer comfort through the longest procedures, says the company.

Custom-Fit Surgical Gloves

Custom-Fit Surgical Gloves
Gloves are like shoes: You might wear a 7.5 in Glove A, yet a 7 in Glove B. If you want gloves that fit like a second layer of skin, you'll want to give Medline's custom-fitting glove app a try and take the guesswork out of what size you wear. Using the app, a Medline rep walks you through 4 questions: latex or latex-free, double-glove, grip preference (smooth or textured) and thickness preference (micro thin, standard or ortho-thick)? He then takes a photo of your hand, and measures the width and length of your fingers as well as the width of your palm. From your answers and your measurements comes a perfectly fitting surgical glove.


24" HD LED Medical Display
The FS-L2402D from FSN Medical Technologies is a 24" LED medical grade display monitor that offers smooth, bright, artifact-free images. The input/output options on FS-L2402D include dual DVI, plus an onboard DC-out power connection for smaller component needs. The backside connection panel accepts all major inputs. Like all FSN displays, FS-L2402D features rapid video signal detection, a sturdy aluminum housing that is built to last and withstand frequent cleanings, and video control modes including pan, zoom, freeze and picture-in-picture.

Dual Cords

Dual Cords Let You Position Cable Close to Generator
Megadyne is now offering a dual-cord version of its Mega Soft Universal Dual Patient Return Electrode so you can locate the cable in the area most convenient to the electrosurgical generator, as well as use either side up on the table. The dual-cord design also lets 2 surgeons work simultaneously with 2 generators. Like the original Universal Dual, the pad is light — about 4 pounds, making positioning and transport easier — and reusable. It's approved for all sizes of patients, from neonates to obese adults.

Low-Temp EtO

Sterilize Your Scopes with Low-Temp EtO
3M's GS series of Steri-Vac sterilizer/aerators deliver low-temperature ethylene oxide gas (EtO) reprocessing efficiently and safely. Available with 4.8- or 7.9-cubic-foot chambers, they utilize precise temperature and humidity controls to protect heat- and moisture-sensitive instruments. Their single-use Steri-Gas cartridges are punctured only after the chamber has been sealed and a vacuum has been achieved, and the system's software ensures the door cannot be opened until the EtO has been fully evacuated. A color touchscreen displays cycle information for easy monitoring, and an onboard computer records the details of the past 100 cycles, which can be downloaded to a USB drive.