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Products on Display at AORN
Thumbnail sketches of a few new products that caught our eye.
Outpatient Surgery Editors
Publish Date: May 13, 2015   |  Tags:   Product News

A roundup of the new products that caught our eye at last month's Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) annual conference in Denver.

— Outpatient Surgery Magazine Editors

Single-Use Arthroscope

An Arthroscope You
Don't Have to Reprocess

An arthroscope you use once and then throw away? That's the promise of the nuvis Single-Use Arthroscope from Integrated Endoscopy, the only single-use rigid endoscope on the market. The nuvis reduces sterility issues and safety concerns, while providing first-time quality for every procedure. The nuvis uses 12 molded lenses — compared with 32 to 56 ground glass lenses typically used in reusable arthroscopes — made with the same technology and low-temperature glass used to mass-produce high-definition, low-cost optics for smartphone cameras, says the company. The nuvis also features LED technology that provides improved white light at significantly lower temperatures than the fiber optic illumination used in conventional endoscopes. It will be available nationwide during the third quarter of 2015.

Pre-op Showering

Improve Compliance With
Pre-op Showering Protocols

We all know that pre-operative showering is an effective way to kill and remove microorganisms from the skin, yet many patients fail to do so before surgery. Now you can virtually increase patient compliance with pre-op showering protocols with the Hibiclens patient compliance bundle, which combines multiple teaching methods that let the patient see, hear, and experience the pre-operative showering process. An educational booklet and an interactive simulation drive home your instructions, and an electronic reminder system prompts patients to complete the process before surgery.

Clip Hair and Clean It Up

Clip Hair and Clean It Up — All in One Step
Make pre-surgical hair removal a clean sweep with ClipVac, the newest addition to CareFusion's line of market-leading surgical clippers. ClipVac vacuum-captures an average of 98.5% of hair and airborne contaminants at the source, eliminating the need for extra cleanup with messy tape or mitts, and helping reduce the risk of complications for patients, says CareFusion.


Patching a Problem in
Your Damaged Mattress

Still using Tegaderm or duct tape to cover those cuts, tears and punctures in your mattresses? CleanPatch from Surface Medical is a medical surface repair product that repairs and restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and extending the life of your mattresses. Durable and resistant to bodily fluids and cleaners, it takes only seconds to apply CleanPatch, which the company says you can use on other soft surfaces in the OR, such as stretcher pads and patient positioners.

Surgeon Extender\s

Ready to Go Rep-less?
Bring In the Surgeon Extenders

Want to reduce your dependency on vendor reps in the OR? Intralign Surgeon Extenders can help you do just that. Surgeon Extenders are highly qualified surgical first assistants — typically PA-Cs or MDs — who let surgeons increase throughput and reduce costs. Intralign's staff of surgical first assistants help lay the foundation for a transition to rep-less surgery by replacing the rep as a source of clinical and technical knowledge. Intralign says the sales rep's presence significantly increases the cost of surgery.

Head Suppo\rt

Head Support for
Optimal Patient Positioning

The AirSpace (Air Sniffing Position And Chin Elevation) airway management device is a foam ring that mounts on all OR tables and provides a custom-fit sniffing position or head-up position (ear-to-sternal notch) for every patient. Placing the patient in a sniffing position is accomplished with independent vertical neck and head position adjustments. You can place the patient at an incline using the reverse Trendelenburg position. The device lets you adjust the head and neck angles while intubating the patient in order to provide an improved glottic view. It comes with a disposable cover to protect the device from fluids and speeds cleanup after the operation.

Ergonomic and Efficient Smoke Evacuation Pen\cil

Ergonomic and Efficient
Smoke Evacuation Pencil

The Megadyne Zip Pen Smoke Evacuation Pencil lets surgeons experience comfortable and precise electrosurgery without the hazards of inhaling surgical smoke. Zip Pen is significantly more ergonomic than current electrosurgical pencil designs, with significantly less torque on the back end of the pencil, says the company. The Zip Pen also offers surgeons 3 ergonomic grip options based upon their personal preferences. The Zip Pen features a clear suction sleeve that encapsulates the electrode for superior smoke capture without inhibiting surgical site visibility. The ZIP Pen connects to smoke evacuators with ease.

Mobile Boom Sy\stem

Replace Your Bulky Video
Towers With a Mobile Boom System

Your OR becomes amazingly flexible with the NuCART mobile boom and equipment cart from CompView Medical. This boom system on wheels lets you position dual 24" LED displays wherever you want them, providing ergonomically comfortable viewing on both sides of the patient while still allowing use of a C-arm on either side. NuCART's arms extend more than 7 feet, eliminating video tower clutter. Its spacious, see-through shelves can hold cameras, light sources, printers and more; they let you push the cart rather than pull it, improving safety. There are 8 built-in electrical outlets and a touchscreen tablet that can be mounted or carried throughout the OR to control the selection of display and image sources. Installation time: 2 days or less.

5 Cleaning and Reprocessing Solutions From Ruhof

    Aqua\Brush NO MORE SCRUBBING The AquaBrush can be used underwater to clean instruments more efficiently.
  • AquaBrush. This rechargeable, submersible cleaning brush eliminates manual scrubbing for easier, more efficient instrument reprocessing. The cordless brush's disposable cleaning heads come in 2 sizes to accommodate various instruments.

  • Instru\Statio SOAKING SOLUTION The InstruStation fits inside a deep utility sink or on a counter to reduce the amount of bending your tech does.
  • ScopeValet InstruStation. This ergonomic sink insert fits inside your existing deep utility sinks or on the countertop to make pre-cleaning easier and reduce the amount of bending your tech does. Use it to transport, disassemble, soak, scrub, flush or repair devices.

  • Inst\ruFlush FASTER FLUSHING The InstruFlush effectively pre-cleans and flushes lumened instruments.
  • ScopeValet InstruFlush. This flushing system, which can be used with or without the InstruStation, helps pre-clean and flush lumens/channels. Its pulse system removes hard-to-dislodge soils. The InstruFlush features 3 pumps that can be used at once, freeing up your tech for other tasks.

  • F\ast Foam QUICK CLEAN The Fast Foam unit can coat an entire tray of instruments with enzymatic foam in just a few seconds, preventing bio-burden from adhering to the surface before decontamination.
  • Fast Foam. This system is designed to coat an entire tray of instruments with the company's enzymatic foam, Prepzyme, in just a few seconds. The foam is applied with a lightweight dispenser and helps prevent the adhesion of bioburden.

  • DoseValet\ Autofill SAVE WATER The DoseValet Autofill fills your sink with the correct amount of water and detergent at the push of a button.
  • DoseValet Autofill. With just a press of a button, this automatic system is able to fill your instrument sink, tub or basin with the precise amount of detergent and water needed. This helps you conserve water and ensure instruments are cleaned with the correct concentration of detergent.


Trios Do-It-All Surgical Ta\ble System

Trios Do-It-All Surgical Table System
Designed to meet the demands of today's surgical needs, the Trios Spine and Imaging Tops feature a 2-column table base with interchangeable table tops to support a variety of spine and imaging procedures. They're equipped to support patient weight up to 650 pounds while remaining fully radiolucent. They feature powered floor locks, a unique table top mounting interface and a streamlined 180-degree rotation mechanism. The open frame design of the spinal top provides the foundation for optimal prone positioning, while the versatility of the radiolucent imaging top allows for the desired supine or lateral set-up.


Mobile App Helps You
Comply With AORN Guidelines

MyAORNguidelines is a mobile application that will enable operating room managers and administrators in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to analyze, monitor and sustain compliance with AORN's evidence-based Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. It replaces paper-based audit tools with multiple data-entry points and it automates the generation of reports. It automatically identifies the gap between how guidelines are being implemented and optimal adherence to the most current AORN Guidelines. The product will initially feature functionality and capabilities built around 4 guidelines: hand hygiene, pre-operative patient skin antisepsis, cleaning and care of surgical instruments, and sterilization. Slated to be released this summer.

Halyard's Aero Blue Performance S\urgical Gown

Superior Protection
in a Softer, Lighter Gown

Halyard's Aero Blue Performance Surgical Gown is lighter, more breathable and amazingly soft, with 4 times more fluid protection in its class, says the company. The gown features a proprietary fabric that delivers the highest fluid protection available in a Level 3 surgical gown. The fabric technology lets moisture vapor pass through without fluid penetration in the critical zones, and builds in softness and elasticity for freedom of movement without tearing.