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Ideas That Work: Laundry Savings
The Switch to Paper Bed Sheets
OSD Staff
Publish Date: November 3, 2015   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
bed sheets PAPER CUTS Disposable bed sheets made of paper are an economical, environmentally friendly choice.

Laundry Savings
The Switch to Paper Bed Sheets

I was growing tired of our exorbitant laundry bills for our linens, so we switched to paper disposable sheets and pillow cases. Guess what. At 50 cents a sheet, not only are we saving about $300 a month, but the paper sheets are soft and comfortable, look great and are impervious to liquids. They're also fitted for a neat look on our 8 stretcher beds and are strong enough to let us move a patient on the bed if need be. We were paying $2.50 a pound to launder our linens; if they were wet, the linens were heavier and we'd be charged more. It was coming out to about $80 a day. Our vendor brought in different grades of paper sheet samples for us to trial for a week to make sure everyone liked them. Our patients didn't even notice that they were lying on paper.

Candy Ranshaw, RN, BSN
Squaw Peak Surgical Facility
Phoenix, Ariz.
[email protected]