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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: November 3, 2015   |  Tags:   Product News
Nezzie Patient Mobility System

A Stroll After Surgery
This device will get your patients safely walking the hallways after surgery. The Nezzie Patient Mobility System holds all patient monitoring equipment, multiple IV poles and attachments so that your patients can get moving sooner after surgery. Designed to be parked bedside, the Nezzie promotes early and frequent post-operative ambulation, says Blickman, which adds that most patients will be able to ambulate with just one caregiver accompanying them.


Pre-Loaded Inserter
For Smooth IOL Delivery

The UltraSert, Alcon's new intraocular lens inserter, features a spring-loaded mechanism for smooth delivery of an AcrySof IQ Aspheric IOL into the capsular bag, while a plunger tip keeps IOL folding and positioning consistent and precise, says the company. A smaller nozzle tip lets physicians work through incisions as small as 2.2 mm, and a "depth guard" prevents the nozzle from being inserted further than is necessary to deliver the IOL and potentially widening the incision.

K-Wire Rack

Help Ortho Surgeons Easily ID K-Wires
The K-Wire Rack from Key Surgical helps orthopedic surgeons easily identify and access the K-wires they need during their procedures. This new rack holds various diameters of 4" to 6" orthopedic K-wires during decontamination, sterilization and transportation. The rack can then open up to a tabletop position for use in the OR, and the diameters of the wires are marked on the rack for easy identification. The lightweight yet durable rack is made of anodized aluminum.

Infection Control Signs

A Better Way to Hang
Infection Control Signs

Do your infection control and warning signs look unprofessional? Then consider the Infection Control Safety Sign System from EM Innovations. The system provides a neat, organized and consistent method of posting warnings and messages around your facility. Three clear pockets hold 4" by 6" warning signs with half-moon cutouts for quick and easy exchanging of inserts. You can mount the signs over a door or set them on a surface using the corner holders. Sign inserts not included.

Optimum-UV Enlight System

Clorox's Whole-Room
UV Disinfection System

The Optimum-UV Enlight System from Clorox Healthcare is an easy-to-use whole-room disinfection system that also manages digital infection control records. The UV system — which is used as an adjunct to manual cleaning — kills a total of 31 pathogens in 5 minutes at a distance of 8 feet, says the company. The system also stores digital reports about infection rates and outbreaks, in addition to tracking device usage across rooms, locations and operators. The system also uses apps for Apple and Android smartphones that let users remotely check on the UV cycle or start or stop the device.

Fluid-Protective Face Masks

Fluid-Protective Face
Masks With Comfort Features

Halyard Health's line of ASTM-rated, fluid-protective specialty surgical masks comes with comfort features, including "so soft" bicomponent inner lining. The masks are powered by Powerguard filter technology for enhanced microbial barrier protection. Each of the 4 FluidShield masks offers either ASTM Level 1 or 2 fluid protection. Pictured is the ASTM Level 2 Expanded Chamber Surgical Mask with high-clarity wraparound visor and ties.